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102-year-old mother finds baby’s grave after 76 years! 7 decades old incident is now believed


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Updated: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 16:28 [IST]

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Mother found dead baby’s grave: The love of mother and child is unique. But soon after birth, if his child is separated from a mother forever and she doesn’t even know, then imagine what will happen to her heart. A similar incident happened with a woman admitted to the hospital for delivery. After the traumatic incident, her eyes were searching for her child for the last 76 years. The truth of which was very painful. A 102-year-old woman was convinced of her infant’s death when she found her dead child’s coffin.

Mother found dead baby grave

Childbirth was done in 26 years
For the last 76 years, her first delivery has remained an enigma for the woman. Even after persuading the doctors, he did not believe in the death of his child. This is the story of Marjorie Rigby, a 102-year-old woman. Who hails from Manchester, England. Rigby was admitted to a private clinic when she was in labor. This thing is 76 years ago i.e. 1946. The clinic delivery took place but Marjorie was not destined to see her child.

came to know about the truth for three days
The oldest lady of England, Rigby has also worked in the Air Force. She became pregnant at the age of 26 after marrying husband Charlie. This was their first child who was born dead. But Rigby did not know about it. He deduced the death of the child from the conversation between the doctors and the matron. The doctors did this for health reasons. The elderly woman did not know what happened next, even though more than seven decades had passed since the traumatic event.

76 year old thing found coffin
Marjorie Rigby is now 102 years old. But the question about the death of his first child was still lingering in his mind. Due to which the grave of his infant was recently discovered. According to Marjorie, she was left in a room after the delivery and no one came to talk to her before she was sent home two weeks later. According to a news platform, Marjorie said, “I was just taken back to my room and left. Nobody came to talk to me and tell me how to move on with life. I just went home and moved on.” ,” He said. Marjorie, who was in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during World War II, went on to have two more daughters, but she never forgot her eldest child, Laura.

The child’s grave was traced like this
Marjorie’s daughter, Angela Rigby, watched a program about a mother on the news channel BBC North West Tonight. In which it was shown how a mother found the grave of her still-born son after 6 decades. After this Angela started research for it. Angela then locates her sister Laura’s grave with the help of the charity Brief Lives Remembered.

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Old lady breathed a sigh of relief
The tomb is reportedly located in Stockport Cemetery. Marjorie’s daughter reveals she found her sister buried in a small coffin in an undisclosed plot along with five other infants and an adult. Angela Rigby also offered a bunch of flowers at her late sister’s grave. Upon discovering the grave of her first child, Marjorie said, “It’s really a great relief to know where it is.”

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102 year old mother found dead baby’s grave after 76 years

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