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‘Aaja Na Raja’, Alia Bhatt’s shoddy act by Pakistani restaurant, offers to men

What did the restaurant do?

A restaurant in Karachi using a scene from the Bollywood movie Gangubai Kathiawadi to offer it to male customers is being heavily criticized on social media. The video clip is from the movie Gangubai Kathiawadi, in which Alia played the role of a prostitute, who becomes the owner of an influential brothel. There is a scene in the film where Alia Bhatt is making hand gestures to woo the customers. Now that poster has been used by Pakistani restaurant.

25% discount to customers

The Karachi-based restaurant has pulled out an offer with Alia Bhatt’s poster with ‘25% discount for men only’. The restaurant has made this offer unique on Monday and has written, ‘Aaja Na Raja, who is waiting?’. The restaurant has posted its video on its Instagram page, after which this restaurant in Karachi is being criticized a lot and people are calling it a very poor act of promotion.

Strong reaction on Instagram

Strong reaction on Instagram

As soon as this video was put on Instagram, many users have expressed strong objection to this video. One user wrote that, ‘You really need to see what is being put here. It is ignorance to use a painful scene to justify what you are presenting. At the same time, another Instagram user responded saying, ‘If you guys think that this is some kind of marketing strategy and it will get you some attention and some customers, then you are completely wrong! Using a clip from a movie based on prostitution (which is based on someone’s real life) shows how lowly and shallow you can be just for the sake of publicity’.

restaurant brat

Despite the criticism of the people, the restaurant did not apologize for its meanness and shoddy behavior, but the restaurant itself has defended its advertisement and shared a picture of Alia Bhatt in an Instagram post, writing, ‘Hey people, it’s a heart. But why took it? In the same post, it has been written from the restaurant’s side, ‘Movie to fire, restaurant to sin?’ On behalf of the restaurant, it is written in the post that, ‘This was just a concept and not to hurt anyone. The film and this post are based on a concept. As before, we are open to all and will serve you with the same love as always.” To which people responded by calling the restaurant ‘lousy’. At the same time, one user said that, ‘Immediately remove this post’ Delete it, shameless!’

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