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‘Accept Islam, I will marry’, the young man blackmailed the girl by sexually abusing her


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Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 10:42 [IST]

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The anger of the people regarding the murder of Shraddha Walker had not subsided yet that now a shameful incident has come to the fore from Karnataka. There a Muslim youth sexually assaulted the girl and took obscene pictures of her. After this, pressure was put on him to convert to Islam. Although the victim appealed to the police for help in time, a case has been registered against the young man under the new ‘Anti-Conversion Act’ and various sections of POCSO.


This incident is of Nagamangala town. There the girl’s father has registered a case against the Muslim youth. He told that on November 12-13, his daughter was under a lot of stress. When he asked her the reason, she told about the wrong done to her. The girl told her father that she started talking to a young man named Yunus Pasha / Fayaz Ahmed. The accused had sent a smart phone and SIM to the girl. Then started asking him to talk through video call. It is alleged that the Muslim youth recorded his calls. After a few days, he forced the girl to show her private part on video call itself.

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The accused did not stop here, he blackmailed the girl through nude photographs. On November 10, he came to the girl’s grandmother’s house and gave her sleeping pills. He had talked about mixing sleeping pills in Sambhar, so that the whole family would fall asleep after eating it. The girl alleges that the Muslim youth sexually assaulted her on November 11. Also promised that if she accepts Islam, he will marry her. The girl’s father alleged that the accused had threatened to kill her if she told these things to her family members. In such a situation, she was very scared. At present, the police have registered the case and started investigation.

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Muslim man blackmailing girl physical assault Karnataka Nagamangala town

Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 10:42 [IST]

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