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‘Adil brutally killed Rakhi Sawant’, the actress’s brother and friend showed such a picture on mobile

‘Adil brutally killed Rakhi Sawant’, the actress’s brother and friend showed such a picture on mobile

Adil used to fight with his wife Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant’s brother Rakesh Sawant and friend Wahid Khan have shown on camera the evidence and medical reports of the assault on Rakhi, which prove that Adil used to torture her a lot. Apart from this, in a video, Rakhi’s brother and friend also spoke openly about this misbehavior with Rakhi. In this video, Rakhi’s friend Wahid Khan is saying- It is in everyone’s mind whether Adil used to kill Rakhi? Now I am going to place such a photograph in front of you and a medical report which will prove that how much Adil used to beat up Rakhi.

Friend showed Rakhi’s injury on mobile

After this, Wahid Khan shows his friend Rakhi’s hand injury to everyone through mobile. He says- Seeing this you will know how badly Adil used to behave with a woman. No normal person can do this. This can only be abnormal. I was surprised when I saw the photo. This is just the beginning, it must be looking modest. After this, he also showed the picture of the injury on the chest. He said- It is a matter of that night when Rakhi’s mother had passed away and he had beaten Rakhi a lot on the same night.

Doctors were surprised to see the medical report

Rakhi Sawant’s friend Wahid and brother Rakesh Sawant told- You will be surprised even after seeing Rakhi’s medical report. Seeing Rakhi’s injury, the doctor had said – how brutally they have killed her, they don’t even kill such an animal. On the other hand, Rakhi’s friend Wahid said- Those who are laughing seeing all this and calling her drama queen, I would like to slap them by showing them whether they will tolerate this kind of misbehavior with their mother and sisters.

Rakhi lodges FIR against Adil

Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant is constantly seen making various allegations against her Adil Khan. Rakhi has made an allegation of assault against Adil at Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station and has also lodged an FIR. A case has been registered at Oshiwara police station. At the same time, the police has arrested Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil. It is being said that Adil’s phone has been seized by the police and he is being questioned in this matter.

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Rakhi said – Adil is having an affair with a girl

Rakhi accuses Adil of running away with her jewelry and lakhs of rupees. According to Rakhi, Adil currently lives with a girl and wants to break his marriage with Rakhi. Rakhi has also told Adil to be responsible for her mother’s death. In a video, Rakhi has said for Adil – You have killed my mother. She would have been alive today if she had been treated on time. You have not left your wife anywhere, you have brought her on the way, made her poor.

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