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AirAsia India flight from Pune to Bangalore canceled take-off, plane returned

AirAsia India Flight:The take-off of AirAsia India flight i5-1427 from Pune to Bangalore was canceled due to technical reasons. After which the plane returned. The airlines apologize to passengers for the inconvenience and delay in travel.

The airline said in a statement that the take-off of the AirAsia flight had to be canceled due to a technical problem in the flight. AirAsia India flight i5-1427 operating from Pune to Bengaluru canceled take-off and returned due to technical reasons, an airline spokesperson said. AirAsia India apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the guests due to the delay.

According to the information, more than 180 people were on board the AirAsia India Pune-Bengaluru flight (I5-1427). On Sunday evening, the pilots received a ‘Brake Hot ECAM Caution’ warning. After which the take off was cancelled. In this regard, it was said from the airlines that after take-off flight I5-1427 was returned to the Gulf due to technical reasons. According to the website SKYbrary, “The Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) is a system on Airbus aircraft to monitor and display engine and aircraft system information to pilots.”

Recently, Malaysian airline AirAsia has signed an agreement to sell its remaining stake in AirAsia India to Air India. AirAsia Aviation Group Limited said in a statement that it has entered into a share purchase agreement to sell the remaining shares in AirAsia India to Air India. The company gave this information in a statement on Wednesday. AirAsia India, owned by the Tata Group and Malaysian entity, commenced operations in June 2014.

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