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Andhra Pradesh government to start temple tourism in five circuits

Amaravati, Sept 22: The temple will be started in five circuits (routes) connecting various tourist centers and various temples in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister and Endowments Department Minister Kottu Satyanarayana told AP News. On Wednesday, a review meeting was held in the Secretariat with Minister RK Roja regarding the development of temple tourism with the officials of the Endowment and Tourism Department.

Later both the ministers spoke in the press conference. Kottu Satyanarayana said that as per the orders of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, both the departments are taking steps to develop several temples in such a way that attracts them from the spiritual and tourism point of view. He said that the opinion for all the 16 circuits has been collected online. He said that Vijayawada-Panchram Yatra, Vijayawada-Ashtashakti Yatra, Vijayawada-Trilinga Yatra, Tirupati-Kashandevaraya Yatra, Tirupati-Golden Triangle Yatra have got the highest rating. Temple tourism will be developed in the first phase of these five circuits. Minister Rosa said that the temple tourism circuit allows pilgrims to visit the temple and the tourist areas of the region at the same time. He said that facilities are being provided to attract foreign tourists of the country.

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