Anjali Arora and Umar Riaz’s romance will make you injured, the video is going viral – न्यूज़लीड India

Anjali Arora and Umar Riaz’s romance will make you injured, the video is going viral

Anjali Arora’s new music video teaser released

Let us tell you that this song titled ‘Mere Khyalyon Ki Malika 2.0’ is a remix of the song ‘Meri Khyalyon Ki Malika’ from Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Chandrachur Singh’s film ‘Josh’. The teaser of this music video has been released recently. As soon as the release of this teaser, it has become increasingly viral on social media. In the teaser of the song, both Umar and Anjali are seen as college students. People are very fond of this teaser.

Anjali is seen with Umar Riaz

According to the information, this song has been sung by Nikita Gandhi and Saj Bhatt together. At the same time, this song has been written by Gaurav Pandey while its music is given by Man Taneja. The music video is directed by Gary Vikhu. It is reported that this song will be released tomorrow i.e. on 15th September. Fans of Anjali Arora are eagerly waiting for this music video.

Anjali was discussed on MMS leak

‘Kaccha Badam’ girl Anjali Arora was the subject of discussion among people a few days ago over the alleged MMS video. However, he had clearly said that he is not in the leaked MMS video. He had told in an interview in Beere about this leaked MMS that in today’s time people have started doing a lot wrong on YouTube and social media for the views and this MMS is also a part of that. He had claimed that this MMS was being made viral using his name and his face.

Had an overnight party with a Russian boy

After this, the video of Anjali Arora once again came into the limelight, in which she mentioned the case in Russia in which she accepted the party talk with the hotel receptionist for money. To keep herself safe in the famous reality show ‘Lock Up’, she had to share one of her secrets with the whole world and then Anjali Arora shared her secret story with everyone on national television.

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Denied being myself in MMS

Anjali Arora became emotional while talking to the media after the MMS leak. She started crying bitterly. She had said crying- Many times when I see all these things, I feel like why are people doing this. Why is the video being made so viral that I am not there. Useless things are put on YouTube only for views. People are saying this is Anjali Arora’s MMS.

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