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Balod: Increasing cases of sextortion with cyber fraud, youth and elderly become victims, know the whole matter


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Updated: Monday, September 12, 2022, 22:13 [IST]

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Balod, 12 September.
Cyber ​​thug gangs in Chhattisgarh are now engaged in hunting people in different ways. Now his eyes are on the rural areas of Chhattisgarh. Because many programs of awareness about cyber fraud are being run in cities. This time two people of Balod district have been duped by cyber thugs through obscene video calls. At the same time, Balod Police is continuously running awareness campaign in the name of Cyber ​​Sangi in the villages.

balod cyber fraud

The case of Gurur police station area of ​​Balod
In Balod district, this time two new cases have come to the fore in the case of making obscene video calls on WhatsApp. Where the victims reached the police and lodged a complaint. Such an incident has happened with a 23-year-old youth of one from Gurur police station area of ​​the district and about 65-year-old man from another village. The thug gang has carried out the fraud by making a video call to both of them and trapping them in their net. 20 thousand rupees have been extorted from a victim by threatening to make the video viral.


Do not file complaint for fear of embarrassment

District Superintendent of Police Jitendra Yadav, on the increasing cyber fraud cases, says that the police are constantly getting complaints about such video calls. But some people fall in their trap and lose their money. So many do not come forward for fear of embarrassment. The SP said that many cases like non-payment of electricity bills, installation of towers, fraud in online purchases, loans etc. come to the fore in the district. Among them, this is the case of obscene video calls. In which people fall into the trap. After which they are blackmailed by recording the video. On giving the money, the accused keeps on increasing his demand.

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This is how cheating with porn videos happens
A 65-year-old man of Gurur police station area told that his son works outside and he lives alone in the village. To talk to the father, he has bought a mobile in his son. The old man did not know that video calls come like this. One day suddenly there was a call which he received and saw that dirty videos were playing in it. Which he disconnected. But then later the objectionable video was edited and sent to him in his mobile. And money was demanded from them.

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youth committed suicide in fort
Last year, in the Bori police station area of ​​Durg, a young man was a victim of sextortion, after which money was constantly demanded, due to which the troubled youth committed suicide. After which the police started investigation on the basis of the video and transaction found in his mobile and Durg police arrested the chief gangster lawyer Ahmed from Mewat in Haryana. Who used to give training to the youth. At the same time, the gang of lawyer Ahmed had made 910 people their victims across the country. Lawyer Ahmed had more than 200 cases registered against him in states like Hyderabad, Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh.

Police is running awareness campaign
Superintendent of Police Jitendra Kumar Yadav says that “Many cases of obscene video calls are coming to the fore for the last few days. Awareness campaign by the police to avoid cyber thugs is also going on in the villages. Because these thugs can be avoided only by being aware. He told that no one should pick up WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers. If any obscene video call is received or if someone is caught in the trap, immediately report the matter to the police. Do not do any kind of money transaction in such cases.

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Balod: Increasing cases of sextortion with cyber fraud, youth and elderly become victims,Know the whole matter

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