Bengal: Gold found on the banks of the river, a crowd of people gathered to loot, then the mystery came to light – न्यूज़लीड India

Bengal: Gold found on the banks of the river, a crowd of people gathered to loot, then the mystery came to light

Bengal: Gold found on the banks of the river, a crowd of people gathered to loot, then the mystery came to light

Birbhum Gold In River: It is believed that the suspected gold coins from Maheshpur Rajbari located in the borders with Jharkhand, most of which were later drowned in the waters of Subarnarekha river.


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Published: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 11:12 [IST]

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Birbhum River Gold

Gold In River at Birbhum: India is a land of wonders. While the world is still awestruck by the unsolved mysteries of the golden river Subarnarekha flowing along the Odisha-Bengal-Jharkhand border. In fact, the villagers of Birbhum district of West Bengal have found gold on the banks of Bansloi river. After which a huge crowd of people gathered here for the search. People are coming everyday for searches.

According to a local resident, Gold In River was found on digging a little soil on the banks of the river. But this gold was in very small quantity. It looked exactly like old money and had some ancient letters or marks on it. When the people got the news, all the people started searching here and there. People were amazed to see that gold metal.

wheel gold coins
The precious metal found was mostly in the form of wheel-like coins, which some believed belonged to Indian kings. Another local said it is a treasure from the time of Hindu kings which was drowned in the river.

People engaged in search for three days
Local tribal laborers are sifting the sand in the area in search of more treasure. Along with all these people, the villagers are also searching for gold reserves for the last three days.

Gold handed over to administration
Meanwhile, the gold coin found on the river bank has been handed over to Murai police station. However, the Birbhum district administration has not yet intervened in the matter. On the other hand, the Archaeological Survey of India has also been informed about the discovery.

Golden River?
Bansloi River is a tributary of Bhagirathi. It originates from the Bamboo hill at Sahebganj in the Chhota Nagpur plateau of Jharkhand. The river covers an area of ​​2200 km and flows through the Birbhum and Murshidabad districts of Bengal. Topographically, it is a marginal area of ​​the watershed plateau which is surrounded by a river whose demographics, which swell during the monsoon, are predominantly tribal.

This is not the first time gold nuggets have been discovered in India, more precisely in the region close to Bengal. The 474 kilometer long Subarnarekha river is also known for this phenomenon. The name of the river is ‘Streak of Gold’, and experts say that at least 60-80 gold particles are extracted every month.

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Gold found on a riverbank in Birbhum has been handed over to Murarui police station

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