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BETUL NEWS: Unique way of celebrating birthday, plantation is done with music

Although people all over the world celebrate their birthday with great pomp, but a unique view of celebrating birthday is being seen in Betul of Madhya Pradesh. There is a group named Morning Group in Betul which celebrates birthday of its members in a different way. The members of the group plant saplings on the birthday with musical instruments. Garland the plant and take a pledge to nurture it.

In the initiative started by the Morning Group to contribute to the environment in Betul, the birthday of plants planted on the birthday will also be celebrated. Friday was the birthday of morning group member Akhilesh Vaidya. On the occasion of the birthday, the members of the group also planted a sapling of Belpatra along with Lakshmi tree along with music. After planting the saplings, the morning group members also took an oath that they will take care of the planted saplings like children. Members of Morning Group also wished Akhilesh Vaidya on his birthday.

Group founder Jitendra Peshwani said that the group was established 11 years ago and its aim was to do morning walk in the morning to stay healthy. For this reason, the name of this group also became Morning Group. The members of the group kept on increasing and it has become a big group.

Peswani told that in the initiative taken by the group, saplings will be planted on the birthday of the members. In this month saplings were planted on the birthdays of three group members Harish Gadhekar, Satyendra Singh Sikarwar and Akhilesh Vaidya. Along with raising these plants, now the birthday of the members who have planted the sapling will also be celebrated.

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