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Bhind news: Consumers do not pay electricity bills in this city, so they are aware through street plays


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Updated: Monday, November 7, 2022, 11:25 [IST]

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Bhind is the only district of Madhya Pradesh where electricity consumers make full use of electricity but do not pay electricity bills. Due to non-payment of electricity bill, the Electricity Department is going into loss here, so now street plays are being organized by the Electricity Department to make the consumers aware to deposit the electricity bill.


There are more than 40 thousand electricity consumers in Bhind city
The number of consumers consuming electricity in Bhind city is more than 40 thousand but all these consumers do not pay the electricity bill. Out of 40 thousand, only 10 thousand consumers pay electricity bills. Therefore, the electricity department often appears troubled to deposit the electricity bill.

Electricity consumers have dues of more than 300 crores
Plenty of electricity is being provided to the electricity consumers but the electricity bill is not being paid by the consumers to the electricity department. This is the reason why the Electricity Department is continuously incurring losses in Bhind city. According to the information received from the Electricity Department, electricity bill of more than 300 crores is pending on the consumers of electricity department in Bhind city. Recovery of electricity bill of such a huge amount has become a problem for the electricity department.

The attack happens when the electrical connection is cut
When the electricity department team goes to disconnect the consumer’s connection due to non-payment of electricity bill, then the electricity department team is attacked by the consumers. Because of this, without disconnecting the connection of the consumers, the team of the electricity department has to return on the opposite foot. This has happened many times when the team of the Electricity Department went to cut the connection and they were fatally attacked.

Consumers are being made aware through street plays
When the team of the Electricity Department proved to be incapable of stopping electricity theft and depositing electricity bills, now the electricity department is doing the work of sensitizing the electricity consumers to deposit electricity bills. A team of artists has been called from Jabalpur on behalf of the Electricity Department. This team organizes street plays at different places in Bhind city and makes consumers aware that electricity is very important for us, we should conserve it and pay electricity bill on time.

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Electricity consumers in blind are being made aware through street plays

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