Bigg Boss 16: That’s it! After all, the anger of ‘tamarind’ of the fans erupted, Shaleen Bhanot was heard to tell the truth – न्यूज़लीड India

Bigg Boss 16: That’s it! After all, the anger of ‘tamarind’ of the fans erupted, Shaleen Bhanot was heard to tell the truth

rift in friendship

There seems to be a rift in Sumbul and Shaleen Bhanot’s friendship. For a few days, nothing seems to be right between the two. Recently, Shaleen was seen shouting badly at Sumbul, despite this .. Sumbul looked quite calm. But now Sumbul seems to have thought of something else.

horribly angry Sumbul

Actually, in the delivery task, Sumbul Tauqeer took the name of Sajid Khan for ration delivery and sent Tina’s ration back. Everyone was expecting that Sumbul would take Tauqeer’s name, while Sumbul did not do any such thing. After this Tina was terribly furious. But now Sumbul’s different form is going to be seen.

Shaleen Bhanot's mercury was high

Shaleen Bhanot’s mercury was high

Then when Sumbul came to talk to Tina, she was seen scolding Sumbul instead of Tina. While favoring Tina, Shaleen did not know what to say to Sumbul. But during this, Sumbul looked quite calm and quiet. Sumbul Tauqeer did not say anything in response to Shaleen.

Sumbul told the truth

Sumbul told the truth

But now in the promo video of the upcoming episode of the show, a different form of Sumbal Tauqeer is being seen. Sumbul is furious at Shaleen and says that when it comes to Sumbul and Tina, Shaleen would never stand up for Sumbul. I was my first friend. On hearing this, Shaleen Bhanot says that not at all. I’ll tell you today.

Sumbul said- 'Shut up'

Sumbul said- ‘Shut up’

Shaleen says I have not come here for anyone. Neither for Tina nor for Sumbul. I stand with those who are my own.. After this Sumbul says that you have the same friendship, don’t you stay the same. I don’t need you. After this, as soon as Shaleen Bhanot tries to say something, Sumbul shouts – Shut up.

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Users gave feedback

Users gave feedback

After watching the video, people are commenting on this video in different ways. One user said that why do you put such promos when their fight does not last even an hour. One user said that whenever Sumbul tries to walk away, this guy comes to make an issue. Tina enjoys and Sumbul is hurt. Both of them are trying their best to create a love triangle but now Sumbul understands things.

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