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Blackout in Ukraine after Russian attack, light failure in neighboring Moldova, furore in minus temperature

Darkness looms over Ukraine

The capital Kyiv city administration has said that three people were killed in the latest Russian attack and there was heavy damage to the infrastructure in the capital, while many houses were destroyed in the Russian attack. Russia’s target was especially the power grid. Russia has increased its attacks on Ukrainian energy networks in recent days. Because of which darkness has engulfed almost the whole of Ukraine. At the same time, Moldova, a very small country situated between Ukraine and Russia, has said that more than half of the country is without electricity and Moldova’s deputy PM Andrei Spinu tweeted that, “Today’s Russian attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure Mass blackout in Moldova after.” However, power was restored in Moldova’s capital Chisinau within hours, according to Reuters. Earlier, an airstrike warning was issued across Ukraine, following which there were reports of explosions in several places. At the same time, in pictures coming from Ukraine, people are seen troubling on the streets to charge their phones.

Ukraine's situation from bad to worse

Ukraine’s situation from bad to worse

Lviv City Mayor Andrey Sadovy said that the children studying in the school during the Russian attack have been taken to the shelter home built underground and urged the parents, in view of the safety of the lives of the children, that the government’s Let the children remain in the shelter home till further orders. Let us tell you that Russia has once again started targeting the capital Kyiv and the city of Lviv and according to the latest reports, Ukrainian officials have said that southern Ukraine has come under renewed attack. The governor of Mykolaiv region reported “several rocket” attacks from the south and east. Ukraine’s emergency services said a newborn baby was killed in a Russian attack in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya region after a missile hit a maternity ward. He has blamed Russia for the attack.

Blackout disrupts life

Blackout disrupts life

Unscheduled blackouts have become common in many parts of Ukraine as a result of recent airstrikes. Many areas of Ukraine hit by blackouts on Wednesday were close to neighboring countries, including the city of Lviv, just 80 km (50 miles) from Poland, where a Ukrainian air defense missile killed two people last week . The towns of Chervonohrad and Yavoriv, ​​close to the Polish border, are also without power. Spinu noted that, as a result of the attacks on Ukraine on 15 November, Moldova also experienced widespread power outages. Mobile networks were also badly affected across the country. Meanwhile, Moldova’s President Maia Sandu said that Russia has “pushed Moldova into the dark”. On Monday, the Moldovan president said that the war in Ukraine has put Moldova’s electricity and gas supplies at risk. Warning people to be prepared for a harsh winter, he said, “We are not sure we can get enough electricity to heat and light our homes.”

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