BRICS summit: Even after American anger, India is giving ‘life donation’ to Russia, will Putin pay the favor? – न्यूज़लीड India

BRICS summit: Even after American anger, India is giving ‘life donation’ to Russia, will Putin pay the favor?

Ukraine’s first major meeting since the war

On February 24, Russia announced a ‘military operation’ against Ukraine, and this is the first time since Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend a global conference and share the stage with the heads of the world’s major economies. . This could paint a welcome picture for Putin. Vladimir Putin sharing the stage with China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa is a big sign that Russia is not alone in the face of sanctions and protests. China and Russia have described their relationship as “no boundaries” and none of the BRICS leaders have outright condemned Russia, raising eyebrows from Western countries.

Will Ukraine issue arise in BRICS?

Will Ukraine issue arise in BRICS?

There is a famous saying about BRICS, that this organization is a group of countries with mismatched ideologies and there is great mistrust even among its member countries, especially between India and China. At the same time, the strengthening relationship between China and Russia has created a dilemma in India’s mind about Russia. However, the decision by the BRICS grouping to go ahead with its 14th annual summit reflects the BRICS countries’ perspective on the global order and presents a different view from the Western countries on the issue of Ukraine. Speaking to CNN, Sushant Singh, a senior fellow at the Center for Policy Research (CPR) in New Delhi, said, ‘We are talking about some very large economies, whose leadership will be seen with Putin, even if only only. Why not be on a virtual platform’.

Decided, Putin is not 'untouchable'?

Decided, Putin is not ‘untouchable’?

Sushant Singh says that, ‘The fact that Putin will be welcomed on a big world stage and he is not an untouchable and he has not been thrown out of the global community will confirm it. This happens every year and is still happening and it is a surplus for Putin. While countries can argue that it is better not to include Russia. At the same time, a few days after the BRICS summit, the meeting of the world’s leading advanced economies i.e. G-20 summit and G-7 summit is going to happen, which will make its voice even more aggressive against Russian aggression. And this is important for India because India also has to attend both these summits. PM Modi will travel to Germany to attend the G-7 meeting.

Will India act cautiously?

Will India act cautiously?

If there will be talk of aggressive action against Russia in the G7 meeting, then whether the issue of Ukraine will arise in BRICS is not yet known. At the same time, experts believe that India will keep its words very carefully in the BRICS summit, so that the western country does not get angry. Whereas, China, which is hosting the BRICS this year, is the largest economy among these five countries and the second largest in the world and it is believed that in the BRICS summit, China will focus on its agenda and China Considers BRICS a group against America, so he will propose the expansion of BRICS, in which he will also demand to include Pakistan, so experts believe that India will also be very cautious about China’s agenda.

Will India be careful about BRICS?

Will India be careful about BRICS?

In June 2020, there has been a violent clash between India and China in the Galvan Valley and tension between the two countries continues. At the same time, CPR Singh, an expert monitoring the BRICS summit, told CNN that, ‘On the one hand, BRICS has been a way for India to “ensure any kind of engagement with China”. And it remains important, as New Delhi is wary of provoking Beijing, especially as it has partnered with the United States, Japan and Australia in its Quad Security Group and as part of the US’s strategy to counter China. as seen’. “I would be surprised if any concrete initiatives are announced at the BRICS summit, because India will then be sending a message to the Quad and its western partners, that it is ready to work together with China and Russia,” he said. So it is very difficult.

Will Putin pay India's favour?

Will Putin pay India’s favour?

Even after taking the displeasure of the western countries, India will share the global platform with Russia and the whole world will be watching India’s move in the BRICS summit. But, there is also a feeling in India that by helping Russia, India has paid its debt and PM Modi is also joining BRICS for the sake of Putin’s friendship. Therefore, India is hoping that even if Russia does not support India in the tension between India and China, then it should remain neutral in the same way as India has been during the Ukraine war. In such a situation, the question is, will Putin pay this favor to India?

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