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Brutal picture of Vietnam war, girl ran without clothes, last operation after 50 years


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Updated: Thursday, June 30, 2022, 19:04 [IST]

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Miami, June 30 The world still trembles on hearing the name of the Vietnam War. That war had changed the condition and direction of the country. In this episode, the name of a 9-year-old girl also appears, a picture of which had gone viral in the whole world at that time. Seeing that picture of him, even those of stone hearted were melted. The girl’s name was Kim Phuk Phan Ti, who ran without clothes on the streets at the age of 9 to save her life. She was crying, crying. At that time someone had captured that painful picture in his camera. You will find that picture even today.

napalm girl

The girl was injured during the war
During the Vietnam War, a nine-year-old girl was seriously injured in a fire emanating from a bomb blast. At that time American fighter planes dropped napalm bombs. Due to this bomb, a large area caught fire and there was heavy loss of life and property. In one such attack, a 9-year-old girl named Kim Phuc Phan Ti was burnt in that fire after the bomb exploded.

The girl was running away crying wildly without clothes on the streets
To save her life, that little one had run wildly and madly on the streets without clothes. The picture of a naked girl screaming and crying had become a witness to the brutality of the war. The picture of that naked girl shook the hearts of people all over the world. That merciless battle would have ended the girl if she had not run on the streets to save her life.

That fierce battle gave a new name to the girl
That girl was named Napalm Girl. Her last skin surgery is 50 years after the incident. Let us tell you that the age of Phan Ti aka Napalm Girl is now 59 years old. His skin was last treated in a hospital in Miami, USA. His body was burnt due to being hit by the bomb. She was in her village in 1972 when she was hit by a bomb dropped from the sky. He had to be hospitalized for a year and had to undergo 17 surgeries. Even after being discharged from the hospital, he had to undergo several treatments for the next several decades.

Phan Ti had fled Vietnam in 1992
According to media reports, Phan Ti and her husband fled Vietnam in 1992 and later reached Canada. In 2015, she came in contact with Jill Wiebel, a doctor at a hospital in Miami, USA. Dr. Jill treated his burns with special treatment. Upon learning of Fan Ti’s story, Dr. Jill treated her for free. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nick Utt took a photograph of Phanti running for life in 1972. When he had his last operation in Miami recently, Nick Ut took his picture once again. This time Fan Ti was smiling.

That merciless battle had changed the girl’s life
In an interview, Fan Ti said that that terrible incident changed my life. She was playing with other children when Vietnamese soldiers told her to run away. An airplane was dropping a bomb. There was a fire in his village. His clothes were burnt in the fire. Fan Ti said, “I still remember what I thought at the time. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m burnt out, I’ll be ugly now, people will look at me differently. After 50 years I’m at war’ I’m not a napalm girl. Now I’m a friend, I’m a helper, I’m a grandmother and now I’m a Survivor who longs for peace.

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‘Napalm girl’ Kim Phuc Phan Ti, seen in one of the Vietnam War’s most iconic photographs, underwent the final skin treatment clinic in Miami, US, 50 years after she sustained horrific burns in a napalm strike.

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