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By-election on Sardarshahr seat in Rajasthan on December 5, Congress BJP will play bets on these faces


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Published: Monday, November 7, 2022, 23:41 [IST]

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Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh The Election Commission has announced the election process for Sardar Tehsil of Rajasthan in the midst of the assembly elections. Along with by-elections in the seats of other states across the country, elections will be held in Sardarshahr of Rajasthan on December 5. The by-election to Sardarshahr seat was not expected so soon. But with the sudden announcement of the election date, the round of lobbying for tickets in the Congress BJP is intensifying. It is not very difficult to decide the ticket in Congress.

anil sharma

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Congress will play sympathy card

Anil Sharma, son of former Sardarshahr MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma, is likely to get a ticket. Like the trend of by-elections held so far, Congress will play the sympathy card in this seat too. In such a situation, it is almost certain that Congress will give ticket to Anil Sharma on this seat. However, Congress municipal president Rajkaran and Colonel Sheshpal Singh Pawar are also among the contenders. On the other hand, Ashok Pincha is the strongest contender for the ticket in BJP. However, BJP is considering giving ticket to a Jat candidate here. Not many names have come to the fore in the BJP due to the lack of possibility of elections on this seat and the sympathiy benefit to the Congress due to the death of Bhanwar Lal Sharma.

anil sharma

BJP can bet on Jat face

Ashok Pincha has been an MLA from Sardarshahr from 2008 to 2013. Apart from Ashok Pincha, Shivcharan Sohu and Harlal Saharan are also contenders from this region. Shivcharan has been a state executive member of BJP. At the same time, Harlal Saharan is also an effective face in that area, although many more names are likely to appear before the nomination. Due to being the Jat face of Saharan and Shivcharan, the claim is being considered strong. At the same time, being a former MLA, Ashok Peencha is a contender. Jat is the most dominant voter class in Sardarshahr assembly seat. Apart from this, Brahmin society also has influence here. The same number of Muslims and Dalits are also there. Congress will play its bet on Anil Sharma. There is every possibility of it. In such a situation, BJP can bet on the Jat community. However, it will be difficult for BJP to choose an effective Jat face from there.

Ashok Peencha
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By-election Sardarshahar seat Rajasthan December 5, Congress BJP will play bets these faces

Story first published: Monday, November 7, 2022, 23:41 [IST]

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