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Chanting Mantra Benefits: Why doesn’t mantra get success? What is the right way to chant mantra?


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Updated: Monday, November 21, 2022, 8:48 [IST]

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Chanting Mantra Benefits: Many people chant the mantras thousands, lakhs, crores of times given by their Guru or told by someone or by choosing themselves but they do not get any benefit from it. Then they blame mantras which are useless and nothing happens with them. The reality is that they do not know the correct method of chanting the mantra. They don’t even know how to chant mantras. When to chant, how much to chant, whose mantra to chant. In the scriptures, mantras have been described as the form of God. They are not just some written words. He is a real deity woven in the form of words. They will be proved only if your method is correct. Let us know how to take care of some special things while chanting mantras.

Chanting Mantra Benefits
  • fixed time : The best time to chant mantra is Brahmamuhurta and twilight. In both these times, nature, mind, chit everything remains sattva predominant.
  • Fixed Location : Mantras become fruitful only when they are chanted everyday sitting at a fixed place. Do not do that today sat here, tomorrow there. Make a fixed place for chanting the mantra.
  • Stable posture: Select a suitable posture for chanting the mantra. Asan does not mean bed, the bed should be comfortable, but here it is meant by the posture of sitting. Padmasan, Sukhasan are best for chanting mantras. The best posture is very helpful in concentrating the mind.
  • Chanting Direction: The direction of North and East has been said to be the best for chanting mantras. The person chanting the mantra should face north or east. This gives remarkable success in chanting.
  • Posture : Deer skin, kushasan or blanket can be used as seat. Due to this, the electrical power generated in the body during mantra chanting is protected.
  • Holy Prayer: Before starting chanting, one should pray to his favorite deity and Guru. Due to this, Sattvic feeling arises in the seeker.
  • Correct pronunciation: The pronunciation of mantras should be clear and pure while chanting.
  • Garland : The number of beads should be fixed for chanting. That is, if you have resolved to chant 11 rounds every day, then you will have to get up after chanting 11 rounds every day. By doing less or more, the mantra is not accomplished. Rudraksh’s rosary is best for chanting any mantra. Rhinestones, Kamal Gatte or other garlands can also be used. Garland should be selected according to the mantra of the deity under the direction of the Guru.
  • serenity Prayer : When the fixed mantra rosary is over, do recitation of peace. As soon as the chanting is over, do not get up immediately and engage in other work. After the mantra is over, sit quietly for 10 minutes.

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In the scriptures, mantras have been described as the form of God. Know the right way of Chanting Mantra and Benefits here.

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