Chhattisgarh: CM raging on officers in Janchoupal, instructions given to Chief Secretary for investigation, report sought in 8 days – न्यूज़लीड India

Chhattisgarh: CM raging on officers in Janchoupal, instructions given to Chief Secretary for investigation, report sought in 8 days


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Updated: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 0:43 [IST]

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bhent mulakat khujji Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached village Chilhati of Khujji assembly during the meeting campaign. Here in Janchoupal suddenly the CM got angry on the officers. The reason for their displeasure was related to the payment of Tendupatta collectors. After which the CM instructed the DFO and the employees to investigate immediately. In Chilhati, the people’s representatives welcomed by garlanding Molly and with a bunch of flowers.

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Getting the benefit of the Chief Minister’s Special Assistance Scheme

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel started the meeting by garlanding the portrait of Chhattisgarh Mahtari and lighting the lamp. He took information from the villagers present in the meeting about the ground situation of the implementation of the schemes of the government. The villagers told that they have got forest rights lease and now they are selling paddy after doing farming. The Chief Minister also inquired about Chief Minister’s Special Assistance Scheme from the villagers. Kushal Ram Sahu and Kushwata Taram told the Chief Minister that they have got benefits from the Chief Minister’s Special Health Assistance Scheme. Getting treatment free of cost. The Chief Minister inquired from the villagers about the activities of Yuva Mitan Club.

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Women’s group sold vermicompost worth 2 lakhs
Sunita Uike, a resident of Khursitikul, told that her group has sold vermicompost worth 2 lakh 10 thousand. There has been an income of three lakh rupees from poultry farming. I am also rearing quail. The Chief Minister asked, now the mother-in-law must be loving more. Sunita agreed and said that women are very happy with your plan. On the request of the Chief Minister, Pahatiya also recited a melodious song. Farmer Bhushan Gaikwad said that fertilizers have become expensive. On which the Chief Minister said that that is why he is emphasizing on organic manure.


Gift of development works in Khujji assembly

In village Chilhati of Khujji assembly, the Chief Minister made several important announcements for the development of Chilhati and the region. He announced opening of college and co-operative bank branch in Chilhati, construction of road including bridge culvert from Budhibanjari to Makke Ashram, renovation of Gondanala reservoir and canal lining work. Similarly, he established Primary Health Center at Amatola, Sub-Health Center at village Rengakathera and Chhachanpahari, pitching work on river bank at village Thuhadbari, 33 KV at Tekaharra. Announced installation of transformer and construction of metalled road from Tekaharra to Makke and Tekaharra to Kallu Banjari.

CM Bhupesh reached Khujji Assembly in Bhent Mulakat, said, 'Justice scheme' became the support of farmers during the Corona periodCM Bhupesh reached Khujji assembly in Bhent Mulakat, said, ‘Justice scheme’ became the support of farmers during the Corona period

Tendupatta collectors complained, money not received
During Jan Choupal in Chilhati, Chandrakala Lade, a resident of Jhitia village, complained about not getting the remuneration for Tendupatta collection. Then the CM said that this is very less. After this, the collector Garibaha also told that the money for my Tendupatta has not come. He told that two people of my village have not been paid.

Furious CM tell till the program is over, in which villages the payment is pending
Expressing displeasure on the DFO, the Chief Minister said that now check and tell in which villages how much Tendupatta has been paid. And now I am in the stage, give information till the end of the program. Give information about the Chief Minister who has broken the tendu leaf, but has not received the money. He said that there will be an inquiry and everyone will get the money. Expressing displeasure on the officials of the Forest Department, the Chief Minister asked the reason for this.

Chief Secretary will investigate, will report in 8 days
To which the Chief Minister said that wherever he went during the meeting, Tendupatta collectors got the full amount of their remuneration. The first such complaint has been received in village Chilhati of Khujji assembly. He said that this is a matter related to the poor. It will be investigated by the Chief Secretary, here some people have been partially paid, while some people have not received the amount. The Chief Minister said that a report should be given after conducting an inquiry in eight days. Strict action should be taken against the culprits. He said that the collectors who have received less amount or have not received the amount, such collectors should submit their applications.

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Khujji: CM raging on officers in Janchoupal, handed over the responsibility of investigation to Chief Secretary, sought report in 8 days

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