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Civil war or demanding sacrifice of leaders again? Next 17 days are going to be very heavy on Pakistan

political storm in pakistan

After surviving the firing incident at the rally, Imran Khan has decided to continue his visit to Islamabad with the demand for immediate elections and his rally is about to reach Islamabad via Lahore. Imran Khan has decided not to call off the “Long March” despite the October 28 attack. On the other hand the Shehbaz Sharif government is also holding important cards in its hands but the real battle going on behind the scenes is between Imran Khan and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and this is the reason for the chaos in Pakistan. That Imran Khan wants a military chief of his choice. But, Shahbaz Sharif has clearly refused to give any role to Imran Khan in the selection of Army Chief and Imran Khan is not ready to accept. In such a situation, let us know, those four situations, which are likely to happen in Pakistan this month.

1- Bajwa will retire and new army chief will be appointed

1- Bajwa will be retired and new army chief will be appointed.

All indications are the same and the most likely scenario is that Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will retire on November 29 this month. He has also made it clear last month that he does not want an extension and will retire on 29 November. On 10 November, Inter Service Public Relations, the media wing of the Pakistan Army, said in a statement that General Bajwa had visited Sialkot and Mangla garrisons “as part of his farewell visits”. On 9 November, he visited the Peshawar Corps and also held a meeting of Corps Commanders in Rawalpindi, in which he advised all military officers to avoid politics. Bajwa started these farewell programs on November 1 with a visit to the Army Air Defense Command. Who will be the next army chief after Bajwa, it will be announced on the next day of his retirement i.e. on 30 November. No one’s name has been announced yet, which is surprising given the current political impasse. However, there is a possibility that Shehbaz Sharif has decided on the name of the next Army Chief and for this he has taken the help of his brother Nawaz Sharif, who fled from Pakistan in London.

How will be Imran's relation with the new army chief?

How will Imran’s relationship with the new army chief be?

In Pakistan, the Prime Minister appoints the Army Chief and after that the Prime Minister of Pakistan works on the instructions of the Army Chief. Therefore, the one who becomes the army chief will decide who will be the next prime minister of the country, so Imran Khan is worried about the fact that if the army chief is not of his choice, then his politics will be abolished. A source close to Dawn told that Shehbaz Sharif, who met his brother Nawaz in London, will not ‘surrender’ the Prime Minister’s power to appoint the army chief at any cost and will not listen to Imran Khan. Imran Khan, for his part, has already drawn the battle lines, saying that a new army chief appointed by “thieves” and “traitors” will also become a “thief” along with him. Even if Imran Khan somehow gets his favorite army chief appointed, the chances of the new chief being loyal to him are slim. Bajwa was elected by Nawaz Sharif in 2016 and in 2017, Bajwa got Nawaz Sharif sacked from the post of Prime Minister and Nawaz Sharif had to flee the country.

2- Bajwa does not step down from the post of Army Chief?

2- Bajwa does not step down from the post of Army Chief?

The second possibility is that if General Bajwa does not step down from the post of Army Chief and Shahbaz Sharif gives him an extension under some ‘deal’. According to senior Pakistani journalists, there is also speculation about the possibility that Bajwa may be planning to step down, despite indications that he may not. Imran Khan called it the “one billion dollar question” in a recent press conference. If Bajwa persists (even though it seems unlikely at this point) it could be for one of two reasons. The first reason is that their deal with Shahbaz Sharif has been settled and both of them have agreed to benefit each other. At the same time, it is also surprising that after the attack last week, Imran Khan accused the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Major General of ISI, but he did not name the Army Chief, from which it is being speculated that he is the army chief. Keeping a door open for the chief, and negotiating a possible end to the standoff.

Third possibility – Bajwa will remain till the election

Third possibility – Bajwa will remain till the elections

A third possibility is also being discussed in Pakistan, which is very unlikely, that Shahbaz Sharif and Imran Khan reach a decision, where the army chief is given an extension after the elections are over and the new government formed after the elections is decided. Do, who should be the new army chief. Under this agreement, Shehbaz Sharif will have to dismiss his government and announce new elections, which Imran Khan has been demanding for a long time. This has also happened in Pakistan when differences between President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif escalated in 1993, when Army Chief General Waheed Kakkar intervened to end the impasse and he threatened both the Prime Minister and the President. Had resigned and then formed a caretaker government in the country by making Moin Qureshi the new Prime Minister, after which Benazir Bhutto won the election. However, Benazir Bhutto was dismissed by the army in her first term of 1988-90, so Benazir Bhutto was very cautious in her second term, but even after that she was removed from the throne prematurely in the second term, the reason Allegations of corruption against her husband Asif Ali Zardari were pointed out.

Fourth possibility – Imran Khan should be bowed down

Fourth possibility- Imran Khan should be bowed down

An attempt has been made to assassinate Imran Khan and the fourth possibility is that now the army may force Imran Khan to bow down and give this message to the public that Imran Khan has been persuaded. This possibility is being made from the statements of many international players, former cricketers in the last one week, when Imran Khan has been appealed to stop the Arnie Long March rally before it reaches Islamabad. And Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s government is set to remain in power until mid-2023, when the next general elections are due, giving him enough time to stabilize the economy. But, in such a situation, Imran Khan will be completely sidelined from politics, just like Nawaz Sharif has been isolated. This situation is quite ironic for Pakistan, because this situation can take the country like a fierce civil war. In such a situation, the month of November is going to be very important for the future of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are at least wishing that the matter should be resolved peacefully.

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