CM Shivraj said Justice Verma’s decision in Visakha case proved to be a milestone – न्यूज़लीड India

CM Shivraj said Justice Verma’s decision in Visakha case proved to be a milestone

Jabalpur, 18 September:Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Justice J.S. Verma has proudly widened the chest of not only Madhya Pradesh but the entire justice world. I thank everyone for the series of lectures organized in his memory. Justice Verma set such examples from his decisions which this country can never forget. His decisions established how the rule of law, rule by law, is to be followed. In the year 1997, the decision to secure the fundamental right of women to lead a dignified life came in the Visakha case. Visakha was implemented as a guide line to prevent sexual harassment of working women.

On the basis of that, the Parliament made several amendments in the Criminal Law. He proved to be a milestone. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that this country will never be able to forget the contribution made by Justice Verma to ensure that incidents like Nirbhaya case do not happen. The Chief Minister said that the country would always be indebted for the recommendations made in the year 2012 for the expansion of the judiciary and the rights of women. Referring to the recent incident with a girl child in Bhopal, the Chief Minister said that 90 percent of the immoral incidents that happen with children are done by acquaintances and their relatives. A law was made in the state that those who misbehaved with innocent girls were hanged. The common man today blindly trusts the judiciary. We have made this system that by including such offenses in the category of identified offenses, stringent punishment should be given in record time.

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