‘Dad would have been today…’, on mother’s birthday, PM Modi became emotional after remembering the sad days of childhood, expressed pain – न्यूज़लीड India

‘Dad would have been today…’, on mother’s birthday, PM Modi became emotional after remembering the sad days of childhood, expressed pain

PM Modi gets emotional on mother’s 100th birthday

PM Modi has posted a blog on the 100th birthday of his mother. PM Modi on his website www.narendramodi.in But a blog has been written by the name “Maa”. In this blog, PM Modi has written all the things of his life from childhood till now, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, everything has been written openly. Expressing happiness and gratitude on the occasion of mother’s 100th birthday, PM Modi wrote his thoughts on the blog and said that if his father was alive, his 100th birthday would be celebrated in 2022. Let’s read what PM Modi wrote in his blog?

'Dad had been there today, he would have been celebrating his 100th birthday last week too...'

‘Dad had been there today, he would have been celebrating his 100th birthday last week too…’

PM Modi wrote in his blog, “Today I want to share my happiness, my good fortune, with you all. My mother, Hiraba is entering her hundredth year today, June 18. That is, the centenary year of his birth is starting. If Dad had been there today, he too would have turned 100 last week. That is, 2022 is a year when the birth centenary year of my mother is starting and in this year the birth centenary year of my father is completed. Last week my nephew sent some videos of mother from Gandhinagar. Some young boys of the society have come to the house, the father’s picture is placed on the chair, bhajan kirtan is going on and mother is singing hymns, playing Manjira with joy. Mother is still the same. The energy of the body may have decreased but the energy of the mind remains the same. Well, we have no tradition of celebrating birthdays here. But the new generation children in the family have planted 100 trees this time in father’s birth centenary year.

'Whatever I am today... is the gift of mother and father...'

‘Whatever I am today… is the gift of mother and father…’

PM Modi wrote in his blog, “Whatever is good in my life today, whatever is good in my personality, is the gift of mother and father. Today, when I am sitting here in Delhi, I am reminded of something so old. My mother is as ordinary as she is extraordinary. Just like every mother is. Today, when I am writing about my mother, you may also feel while reading that hey, my mother is also like this, my mother also does the same. While reading this, the image of your mother will emerge in your mind. A mother’s penance makes her child a right person. Mother’s love fills her child with human feelings. Mother is not a person, not a personality, mother is a form. It is said here to us that as a devotee, so is God. Similarly, according to the feeling of our mind, we can feel the nature of the mother.

'Mother didn't even see the school door, she only saw poverty...'

‘Mother didn’t even see the school door, she only saw poverty…’

PM Modi further wrote, “My mother was born in Visnagar in Mehsana district. It is not far from Vadnagar. My mother was not destined to love her mother i.e. my grandmother. The impact of the global pandemic that occurred a century ago was then for many years. The same epidemic took away my grandmother from my mother. Mother must have been only a few days old then. He doesn’t remember my grandmother’s face, her lap. You think, my mother’s childhood was spent without her mother, she could not insist on her mother, could not hide her head in her lap. Mother did not even get alphabet knowledge, she did not even see the school door. He saw only poverty and lack in the house everywhere. If we combine these situations in today’s time, then we can imagine how difficult my mother’s childhood was. Perhaps God thought of constructing his life in this way. Today, when the mother thinks about those circumstances, she says that it must have been God’s wish. But he still has the pain of losing his mother, not even seeing her face.

“There was no bathroom in the house, no toilet…”

PM Modi further wrote, “The struggles of childhood made my mother grow up long before her age. She was the eldest in her family and even when she got married, she became the eldest daughter-in-law. The way she used to take care of everyone in her house, take care of everyone, take care of all the work in her childhood, she had to bear the same responsibilities in her in-laws’ house. In the midst of these responsibilities, in the midst of these troubles, the mother always kept a calm mind, taking care of the family in every situation.

PM Modi said, “The house in Vadnagar where we used to stay was very small. There were no windows, no bathroom, no toilet in that house. All in all, that one-and-a-half-room structure made of mud walls and thatch roof was our home, in which mother and father, all of us brothers and sisters used to live. In that small house, the mother had some convenience in cooking, so the father had made a scaffolding in the house with the help of bamboo sticks and wooden planks. The same loft was the kitchen of our house. Mother used to cook food by climbing on it and we used to eat food sitting on it. In general, where there is scarcity, there is also tension. The specialty of my parents was that even in the midst of lack, they never let the tension dominate the house. Both shared their respective responsibilities. Whatever the weather, be it summer, rain, father used to leave the house at four o’clock in the morning. People around knew from the sound of father’s footsteps that it is 4 o’clock, Damodar Kaka is going. Going out of the house to the temple, having darshan of the Lord and then reaching the tea shop was his daily karma.

'I used to take the clothes of the house and go to the pond to wash it...'

‘I used to take the clothes of the house and go to the pond to wash it…’

PM Modi wrote, “Mother never expected us brothers and sisters to leave our studies and help them. She would never ask him to help, to shake his hand. Seeing the mother working continuously, we brothers and sisters themselves felt that we should share their hands in the work. I was very fond of bathing in the pond, swimming in the pond, so I also used to take the clothes of the house and go out to wash them in the pond. Clothes would also get washed and my game would also be done.

'Mother used to wash the utensils of others' house too...'

‘Mother used to wash the utensils of others’ house too…’

PM Modi further wrote, “To get two or four paise more to run the house, mother used to ask for utensils of others’ house also. She also used to spin the spinning wheel by taking time out because some money would have been collected from that too. The work of extracting cotton from cotton husks, making threads from cotton, all these things were done by the mother herself. He was afraid that the thorns of the cotton husks would not prick us. He never liked to depend on someone else for his work, to get his work done by someone else. I remember, the mud house in Vadnagar used to have so many problems due to the rainy season. But the mother tried to keep the trouble to a minimum. So in the month of June, in the hot sun, the mother used to climb upstairs to fix the roof tiles of the house. She used to try from her side but our house had become so old that its roof could not bear the heavy rain.

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'In the rain, sometimes water used to drip from here in our house, sometimes from there...'

‘In the rain, sometimes water used to drip from here in our house, sometimes from there…’

PM Modi wrote, “In the rain, sometimes water in our house used to drip from here, sometimes from there. The whole house should not be filled with water, the walls of the house should not be damaged, so the mother used to keep utensils on the ground. Water dripping from the roof kept collecting in it. Even in those moments, I never saw my mother upset, I never saw myself cursing. You will be surprised to know that later the mother used to use the same water for household chores for the next 2-3 days. What can be a better example of water conservation?

PM Modi says, “Mother was very fond of decorating the house, also making the house beautiful. To make the house look beautiful, clean, she used to work throughout the day. She used to smear the land inside the house with cow dung. You may know that when you set fire to cow dung cakes, sometimes there is a lot of smoke in the beginning. Mother used to cook food only on dung in that house without a window. The smoke could not escape, so the walls inside the house used to turn black very quickly. Every few weeks, the mother used to paint those walls as well. This brought a newness to the house. Mother used to decorate them by making very beautiful bowls of clay. Mother has also been a champion of the habit we Indians have of recycling old things.

'Like a small child, even today mother, after feeding me something, she definitely wipes my mouth with a handkerchief...'

‘Like a small child, even today mother, after feeding me something, she definitely wipes my mouth with a handkerchief…’

PM Modi further says in praise of mother, “Mother always used to follow very rules that the bed should be very clean, very well laid. He could not tolerate a single speck of dust on the sheet. As soon as she saw the slightest change, she used to sweep the whole sheet again and lay it neatly. We also used to take great care of this habit of mother. Even after so many years, in the house where the mother lives, she insists that her bed should not shrink at all. His sense of perfection in everything is the same even at this age. And now in Gandhinagar there is brother’s family, my nephews have family, they try to do all their work on their own even today.

PM Modi wrote, “I see this even today, how careful she is about cleanliness. Whenever I go to Gandhinagar from Delhi, I reach to meet her, she definitely feeds me sweets with her own hand. And just as a mother wipes her mouth after feeding something to a small child, similarly my mother still wipes my mouth with a handkerchief after feeding me something. She always keeps a handkerchief or small towel in her saree.

'The cream that father used to bring from his tea shop...'

‘The cream that father used to bring from his tea shop…’

PM Modi further writes, “Mother used to make better ghee than the cream that father used to bring from his tea shop. And it was not like that only we should have the right on ghee. The cows of our locality also had the right on Ghee. Mother used to feed roti to Gaumata every day. But not dry roti, always used to put ghee on it. It has always been the insistence of the mother regarding food that not a single grain of food should be wasted. In our town, when a mass banquet was organized for someone’s wedding, before going there, the mother used to remind everyone that don’t waste food while eating. Even at home, he had made the same rule that take as much food in the plate as the hunger is. Even today, the mother takes as much food in her plate as she wants. Even today, she does not leave a grain of food in her plate. Eating according to the rules, eating on time, chewing and chewing food has remained in his habit even at this age.

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