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Damage control of ‘Dragon’, said, India and China should support each other


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Updated: Thursday, June 23, 2022, 12:55 am [IST]

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Beijing, June 23 : Relations between India and China have deteriorated over the border dispute. The whole world knows that China’s expansionist thinking is not in the interest of its neighboring countries. Despite this, it (China) has been spoiling its relations with India through its actions. At the same time, India is also working on the strategy of not bowing down to China. On the other hand, America has also started speaking in favor of India on the issue of China. This made China very upset. Beijing says that any move of America on the issue of India and China is condemnable. China feels that America is taking a tough stand against it. Now China has brought some reforms in its policies, saying that the common interest of China and India is more than differences.


China said India’s common interest is more than differences
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that China and India’s ‘common interests far exceed differences’.
Both the countries should put the differences on the border in their proper place and try to resolve the dispute through dialogue and consultation.

Meeting with Indian Ambassador
Wang Yi on Wednesday, in his first meeting with India’s ambassador to China Pradeep Kumar Rawat in March in Beijing, said the two countries should support each other instead of undermining and doubting, boosting trust.

need to improve relations
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi further said that it is important for both India and China to meet and talk to each other to get a healthy bilateral relationship back on track.

Damage control ahead of BRICS summit
Let us tell you that before the 14th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is trying to bring the deteriorating relations back on track by holding an online meeting with Indian Ambassador Pradeep Rawat. Relations between India and China have been souring for many years. China is now trying to create sweetness between the two countries through talks.

dispute over border dispute
Let us tell you that the bilateral differences between the two countries over the border dispute have been going on for a long time and this meeting with the Indian Ambassador appears to be China’s attempt to express the spirit of solidarity between India and China.

According to a statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the meeting, “China and India’s common interests far outweigh their differences.” The ministry said in its statement that both sides should support instead of weakening each other, strengthen the path of cooperation instead of wary against each other, and mutually instead of doubting each other. Confidence should be increased.


China’s 4 point agenda
Wang, who is also a state councillor, presented a four-point agenda to define and advance relations with India. Including the military standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh that began in May 2020.

no result
Let us tell you that despite several rounds of diplomatic talks and talks between the armed forces regarding the India and China border dispute in eastern Ladakh, no positive result has been achieved. The armies of both the countries are stationed on the LAC in eastern Ladakh.

The four principles that China has mentioned before India in view of mutual interests are as follows-

first principle
The need to adhere to the important strategic agreement has been emphasized by the top leadership of both the countries. There should be no competition between China and India. India China are each other’s partner. Both the countries (India-China) will not pose a threat to each other. Both countries have opportunities for mutual development.

second principle
India and China should place the border issue at an appropriate position in bilateral relations. According to this second principle, Beijing and New Delhi should find a solution to the border dispute through dialogue and consultation.

third and fourth principles
The remaining two principles emphasize the need to expand “mutually beneficial cooperation” and “expand multilateral cooperation” and “jointly face the complex world situation”.

S Jaishankar’s recent statement cited
Wang told the meeting that India’s tradition of independent foreign policy was reflected in External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s recent speech, where he expressed his disapproval of “Eurocentrism” and his expectation that any external force could be defeated by a Sino-India Relationships should not interfere. Wang was referring to Jaishankar’s June 3 speech at the GLOBESEC 2022 Bratislava Forum, where he said the world could no longer be ‘eurocentric’, and that Europe had to take that mindset in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. need to stay away from

The world can no longer be Eurocentric.
A lot is happening outside Europe. There are many human and natural disasters in the part of the world, and many countries look to India for help. The world is changing and new, new players are coming. The world can no longer be Eurocentric,” Jaishankar said in his speech, which was widely discussed and shared in Chinese official media and online.

Indian Ambassador’s statement
According to the ministry’s statement, Indian Ambassador Rawat said, “India will firmly pursue an independent foreign policy, and adhere to the strategic consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, to strengthen communication, properly handle differences, Willing to work with China to enhance trust and advance bilateral cooperation.

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english summary

China and India’s “common interests far outweigh differences”, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has said, adding that the two countries should put the differences on the border in its appropriate place and seek to resolve the dispute through dialogue and consultation.

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