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Debilitated Planets: How to remove the inauspicious effects of debilitated planets?


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Published: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 7:00 am [IST]

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Debilitated Planets:
One or the other planet is always debilitated in the horoscope. Debilitated planets often give bad effects. Until their inauspicious effect is removed by taking some measures, one or the other difficulty keeps on coming in life. Let us know what Lal Kitab says to remove the inauspicious effects of malefic planets. Know the ways to make the debilitated planets auspicious according to the day-

  • Moon: If the Moon is debilitated in the horoscope, then eat only milk and rice on Mondays. Apply silver varak on white sweets and accept it. Wear white clothes and wear pearls by applying white sandalwood.

  • Mars: On Tuesday, the people of low Mars should not eat lentils even by mistake. On Tuesday, flow the rewadis in the water. Distribute Prasad Revdi to the Bandlas and children. Offer laddoos to Hanuman ji and take the prasad yourself. Always keep a red colored handkerchief in your pocket.

  • Mercury: If a person’s Mercury is debilitated, then he should not keep broad leaf plants, bamboo or mill on the roof of the house. Women should pierce their nose on Wednesday and wear silver for hundred days. Soak moong in water on Tuesday night and feed that moong to animals and birds on Wednesday morning.

  • Guru: If Jupiter is debilitated, then donate yellow clothes to Brahmins on Thursday. Flow four knots of gram dal and turmeric in water.

  • Venus: If Venus is debilitated, then the person should offer curd and red tide in a temple on Friday. Donate white silk clothes. To make Venus high, a person should eat Saturn’s things and almonds.

  • Shani: If Shani is debilitated, the person should not consume oil, alcohol, urad, meat and eggs etc. on Saturday. Donate iron, oil, urad and black cloth on Saturday. Pour oil or alcohol into running water.

  • Sun: When the Sun is debilitated, on Sunday, the Jatak should consume rice cooked in jaggery. Along with this, mix jaggery in roasted wheat and distribute it to the children. Wear copper money around your neck and tie wheat, jaggery, gold etc. in a red cloth and donate it to someone.

  • Rahu: If Rahu is of low caste, then give up black clothes on Saturday. Don’t wear blue black turban or cap. Keep a square piece of silver in your pocket. Donate almonds, coins, barley and mustard to Rahu.

  • Ketu: When Ketu is debilitated, a person should consume golden ashes and saffron. Wear gold and keep a white-black dog. Donate wheat, banana, jaggery, gold and black-white blanket to the priest of a temple or to the priest of your clan.

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Debilitated planets always give bad effects. here How to remove the inauspicious effects of Your Debilitated planets in Kundali.

Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 7:00 am [IST]

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