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Delay in delivery of pregnant HIV woman in Firozabad, allegation of death of newborn, what is the whole matter?



By BBC News Hindi

Updated: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 13:08 [IST]

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A case of neonatal death has come to the fore due to allegations of negligence in the delivery of an HIV-positive pregnant woman at the Government Medical College in Firozabad, West Uttar Pradesh.

Her relatives had brought the pregnant woman to the government hospital for delivery. The woman’s father told the media, “He didn’t touch my girl, the girl kept on suffering like this on my bed. From 3 o’clock till 8 in the night, he didn’t touch.”

But on the other hand, the hospital administration claims that when the woman was brought to the hospital, three doctors were present to attend to her and action has been taken against a staff nurse for misbehaving with the patient.

According to the field officer of an NGO working with the woman on HIV, ‘After seeing the report of the woman, the medical staff delayed the delivery as she was HIV positive. Due to which the pregnant woman kept on the stretcher for delivery for more than five hours.

Father: Daughter kept suffering, did not get treatment

The woman’s father told that earlier he had taken his daughter to a private hospital for delivery where the doctors told him that the child would be delivered in 10 to 15 minutes.

When the private hospital asked the father to deposit 15 to 20 thousand rupees for the delivery, he took him to the government hospital due to lack of money.

The father reached the hospital with his daughter at 3 pm on Monday. He said, “We don’t even know why we didn’t touch it. Only he can tell. There will be something.”

The father alleges that no one touched his daughter from three in the afternoon till eight in the night. They say, “Our modi (girl) had a stomach ache, neither did she give any injection nor did she give any medicine.”

Later, he called Sarita Yadav, field officer of an NGO named Ahana, seeking help and the father says that after Sarita Yadav reached the hospital, the health workers listened to her.

He said, “I don’t know whether the child was alive or not. They picked him up and put him in the machine. He called me this morning (on November 22) and told me that your child is dead.”

Sarita Yadav: A doctor said that if you are more educated then take out the child yourself.

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Sarita Yadav, a field officer working with HIV patients in an NGO named Ahana, says that she came in contact with this pregnant woman two months ago and was constantly monitoring her health and advising her to get the delivery done in a hospital. .

He claims that two days before the incident, the relatives had taken the woman to the government hospital, but he said that he had refused to admit her there as well.

It was Sarita who had asked her to get pelvic examination done from a private hospital so that the delivery time would be known. On checking with the private hospital, the delivery time was told to be only 10 to 15 minutes. But due to lack of money, the father had to take his daughter to the government hospital again.

Sarita says that when she reached the hospital, the victim “was lying on a stretcher. I pleaded with the medical staff a lot but no one touched them, her baby was stuck. Some parts were inside and some had come out. Was just hooked.”

Sarita says that she told the senior doctor present, “The patient is saying that I am not feeling the baby, once check its heartbeat and tell me, then the doctor said to pull the machine which is in front and attach it to the patient.” And see the pulse.”

Sarita claims that she had informed the CMS of the hospital beforehand that an HIV positive woman was being brought to the hospital for delivery.

She also tries to talk to the CMO and says, “When I talked to the CMO sir, he said that we will send someone in a short while, even after that nothing happened till 9 o’clock in the night. “

Sarita Yadav also says that when she was not seen, she had a fight with the labor room staff. His allegation is that, “A doctor told me that if you are suffering too much, then go inside the labor room and take out the child yourself.”

Sarita Yadav’s medicine is that finally one came and the staff nurse did the delivery but the child was found dead and after that some injections were given to satisfy the family and sent to SNCU and told us that the child is breathing.

Sarita Yadav says, “Then the second day in the morning, a call was received from the SNCU that the child has died, take the body of the child.”

‘Speak a little bad to the patient then take action’

Medical College Principal Sangeeta Aneja says that when the woman was brought to the hospital, three doctors were on duty.

He says that when the doctors did PV (pelvic examination) of the woman, she was not dilated.

The woman was having delivery for the first time. Principal Sangeeta Aneja says, “The patient was not left outside and was kept in the labor room.”

He says that his dilation was checked from time to time and after dilating his three fingers at eight o’clock in the night, the delivery was done at quarter to nine.

The principal’s medicine is that the child turned out to be alive and, “The child had little oxygen deficiency, after which he was also admitted to the Sick Newborn Care Unit by applying oxygen and was treated but the next day morning the child expired.”

He has said that the health of the victim woman i.e. the mother is fine.

Principal Sangeeta Aneja told that a staff nurse has been transferred for not talking properly to the patients and their attendants. She claims that, ‘This is a strict action after investigation.’

The principal says that it was only from the woman’s blood test that he came to know that she is HIV positive. Before that the staff had no information. The principal claims that three doctors were present at the time of delivery and has photographs to prove it.

Was the child halfway out? Describing this as wrong, Sangeeta Aneja says, “It is not so. It did not happen at all.”

Principal Sangeeta Aneja says, “The child was not born dead. He was shifted to the sick newborn unit. He died after 12 hours.”

But if the child was born through normal delivery then why did it die after 12 hours? Principal Sangeeta Aneja says about this, “This is called meconium aspiration syndrome, the child had swallowed water, it becomes difficult to breathe.”

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