Demand to remove hate posters against Hindus in Canada, ‘Khalistani’ mayor surrounded – न्यूज़लीड India

Demand to remove hate posters against Hindus in Canada, ‘Khalistani’ mayor surrounded

Patrick Brown is the leader who created Hinduphobia

According to TAG TV, Patrick Brown is a politician known for creating Hinduphobia and Indophobia. Patrick Brown and the mayors of other cities have allowed referendums to be held in government-funded auditoriums and arenas in the name of freedom of expression. But the Hindu diaspora is puzzled by how Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments can allow. To nurture Khalistani ideology in the name of freedom of expression, Canada’s biggest terrorism was associated with Khalistani ideology since “Air India Bombing” in 1983.

Quebec is Canada's sore spot

Quebec is Canada’s sore spot

Hindu migrants also say that how would it be if the Quebec referendum started being organized in India too? Let us tell you that Quebec is a region in Canada which is dominated by French-speaking Canadians. Canadian French consider themselves different from English-speaking Canadians and have a sense of fear toward English-speaking Canadians. These Canadians have been trying to preserve their French language and culture. The Quebec movement in Canada gains momentum from time to time. There is also talk of a referendum in this movement in which there should be a system for people to vote directly about the creation of a separate country from Canada. The last known Quebec movement was in 1995.

Said this on removing hateful banner

Said this on removing the hateful banner

As reported by TAG TV, Mayor Patrick Brown was asked by Hindu migrants to remove hateful banners against Hindus from across the city. It was written in this banner that a Sikh child has been burnt by a mob of Hindus. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown was asked if he would try to remove those banners put up by Khalistanis. To this his reply was that he loves everyone. Earlier in October, 400 to 500 people clashed during Diwali celebrations in the Canadian city of Mississauga.

India warns Canada about referendum

India warns Canada about referendum

Recently, India has given a stern warning to Canada and has said that there should be a ban on the referendum to be held on Sunday 6 November. On November 6 in Canada, the anti-India organization SFJ is going to hold the so-called Khalistani referendum in Ontario. Before the referendum, the Modi government has once again given a stern warning to Canada. India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on Thursday issued a stern warning that the Trudeau government should put a hold on the November 6 referendum. The Government of India had earlier also condemned this referendum, calling it a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

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