Doctors are getting unemployed in Pakistan, those who do MBBS from the best institute do not get even 40 thousand – न्यूज़लीड India

Doctors are getting unemployed in Pakistan, those who do MBBS from the best institute do not get even 40 thousand

The salary of doctors is less than 40 thousand

Even if a graduate who has completed medical studies is getting a job, then his salary is very less. Instead of doing 12 hours of duty overnight, the doctor is being forced to work for less than 40 thousand Pakistani rupees. A Pakistani student named Hamd Nawaz has made this claim. Hamd Nawaz has completed MBBS from the best medical college of Pakistan, King Edward Medical University, Lahore.

Pakistani doctor expressed pain

Pakistani doctor expressed pain

In many tweets, Hamd Nawaz has expressed the pain of himself and lakhs of students and doctors of Pakistan. She wrote, ‘I am unemployed ever since I completed my degree. Only half of my batch students have got jobs so far. Now there is very little space left for us in the country. More than 350 doctors from my batch are preparing to leave the country so that they can look for jobs in other countries.

Doctors work more, but less money

Hamd Nawaz writes, ‘If some people got jobs, they are getting less than 40 thousand Pakistani rupees for a 12-hour night shift job. Work like crazy hours and money is negligible. These are humiliating and very depressing situations. We had never even dreamed of such a thing. If you’re planning to move on on your own, it might just be a joke, says Hamd.

Parents’ appeal

Hamd Nawaz wrote on Twitter, ‘The medical profession is no longer safe in Pakistan. If you do not have any private setup of your own then you are in big trouble. Parents should stop pressuring their children to become doctors. Help them find other options if they don’t want to see their child after studying day and night like a troubled medical graduate sitting idle at home in the end.

Doctors are heavily exploited

Doctors are heavily exploited

A user commented on Hamd’s tweet, ‘The system is really messed up here. There is still a shortage of doctors in Pakistan, yet more are not being recruited. Even those who are getting jobs, they are being suppressed by the workload and being exploited. At the same time, another user wrote that you may be right in the context of Pakistan. Here in Canada doctors get good salary. However, becoming a doctor here is not an easy thing. For this a long race has to be won.

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