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Droupadi Murmu: BJP can benefit in these 14 states including Gujarat by making presidential candidate

Draupadi Murmu can prove to be BJP’s trump card

A lot becomes clear from what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his congratulatory message on Twitter after the announcement of Draupadi Murmu’s nomination as the presidential candidate. PM Modi wrote on Twitter, ‘Mrs Draupadi Murmu ji has dedicated her life to serve the society and empower the poor, downtrodden as well as marginalised. He has rich administrative experience and has had an excellent tenure. I am sure she will be a great President of our nation. After PM Modi’s wishes, Murmu’s first reaction was something like this, ‘We have got this news (on the election of the Presidential candidate) from you (media) only. I don’t want to comment on this right now. Thanks a lot.’ That is, even Murmu himself had no idea what PM Modi’s government had thought for him.

Why Draupadi Murmu's candidature is important for BJP?

Why Draupadi Murmu’s candidature is important for BJP?

Born in 1958, Draupadi Murmu, 64, is a tribal community leader from Odisha. She comes from the dominant Scheduled Tribe Santhal community in Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. On winning the election, she will not only be the first President to come from Odisha, but will also be the first tribal, who will hold the highest office of the country. Earlier, BJP has also made her the first woman and tribal governor of Jharkhand. She has been a big figure of BJP in Odisha and has also handled the responsibility of cabinet minister in the BJD-BJP coalition government in the past. This is the reason why Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has described the announcement of his name as the pride of his state. It is clear from his words that before the announcement, PM Modi had also taken the CM into confidence.

important for jharkhand politics

important for jharkhand politics

In 2019, BJP was defeated in Jharkhand by the grand alliance of Congress, RJD and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. Shibu Soren and his son Chief Minister Hemant Soren have been reaching the peak of power in Jharkhand only by doing tribal politics. But, being in opposition at the Center at the moment, the challenge has increased before the JMM with the announcement of Murmu’s candidature. Opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha has represented Hazaribagh Lok Sabha seat in Jharkhand. Whereas, Draupadi Murmu had been the governor of the state for five years and had a good relationship with the state government. Now if the JMM goes with Sinha under pressure from opposition parties, especially the Congress, it may face charges in future of ignoring the tribal woman candidate who has been the core of its politics. On the contrary, BJP can try to strengthen its position in the tribal community of the state. Murmu’s image as a strong tribal leader had emerged in 2017 after he returned the Land Tenancy Act being brought in by the then BJP government. The tribals in Jharkhand were opposing it. In turn, this administrative decision of his may work in favor of BJP in this section.

BJP may benefit in 14 states

BJP may benefit in 14 states

Making Draupadi Murmu the presidential candidate could be part of the BJP’s long-term political plan. First let’s take Gujarat, where tribals constitute about 14% of the population. Elections are to be held in Gujarat by the end of this year. In the Dang district of Gujarat, tribal communities are in abundance. But, not only Gujarat. With this move, BJP can get benefit in the coming elections in total 14 states, where tribal population is more. Although the tribal population in the country is 8.6%, but in many states, they have the power to change the results of the elections according to their own.

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14 states with tribal influence

14 states with tribal influence

  1. Gujarat: 14.8%

  2. Chhattisgarh: 30.6%

  3. Jharkhand: 26.2%

  4. Odisha: 22.8%

  5. Madhya Pradesh: 21.1%

  6. Rajasthan: 13.5%

  7. Jammu and Kashmir: 11.9%

  8. Mizoram: 94.4%

  9. Nagaland: 86.5%

  10. Meghalaya: 86.1%

  11. Arunachal Pradesh: 68.8%

  12. Manipur: 35.1%

  13. Sikkim: 33.8%

  14. Tripura: 31.8%

These are the states where BJP can get the benefit of its decision. Of these, elections are to be held in the next two years in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. After that it is also the turn of the Lok Sabha elections. When, in 2017, BJP picked President Ram Nath Kovind as its candidate from the Raj Bhavan in Bihar, his being a Dalit and connection with UP proved to be very beneficial for the party.

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