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Elon Musk’s ‘spying’ Twitter handle will not be closed, said – free speech is more important than my life

Elon Musk said – free speech is more important than my life

Earlier, Elon Musk had said that every account on Twitter that will change its identity will be suspended. No further warnings will be given for this. The account will be suspended directly. After this, Elon Musk is facing criticism. People are reminding him of his promise of free speech. Elon Musk tweeted on Monday, ‘My commitment to free speech extends to not banning the Twitter handle of a private jet tracking my private jet, even if it is clearly a risk to my personal safety.’

Elon Musk did not close the spying account

Actually this whole matter is related to a Twitter handle named @ElonJet. The account on Twitter belongs to Jack Sweeney, an American programmer who tracks Elon Musk’s private jet N628TS using flight data from a source called the ADS-B Exchange, and tweets his updates on Twitter. Last year, Elon Musk reportedly contacted Jack Sweeney, the owner of the handle, and offered to pay $5,000 to stop the tracking, but he refused to stop tracking for such a small amount.

Elon Musk did not accept Jack Sweeney's demand

Elon Musk did not accept Jack Sweeney’s demand

Jack Sweeney reportedly asked Elon Musk to ask for $50,000 and an internship, or even a Tesla Model 3. He didn’t get it though. After this, Jack Sweeney wrote on Twitter that if Elon Musk allows him to come on his private jet and make a video of it, he will close the account. However, this demand of Jack Sweeney has not been fulfilled yet.

Elon Musk’s Location Still Tracking Jack Sweeney

Let us tell you that this account of Jack Sweeney tracking Elon Musk is still active. The last time the location of Elon Musk’s jet was reported on this account was on November 7 from Austin to Texas. Jack Sweeney wrote in Newsweek this week that he has no plans to remove his profile. “I’m no longer worried that Musk owns Twitter,” Sweeney said. If he banned @ElonJet, all the news would be on him, so I don’t think he would.

Jack Sweeney thanks Elon Musk

Sweeney said, it is said, you always have a chance. I recently put up a poll, and some of my followers think my account will be banned. “I’ve kept my account running for over two years, the only reason I didn’t sell it for $5,000, it’s my project and people are interested,” Sweeney said on Elon Musk’s post on FreeSpeech on Monday Jack Sweeney replied: “Thank you for keeping your promise on free speech,” wrote Jack Sweeney.

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