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Even after making thousands unemployed, Elon Musk’s mind is not filled, then Twitter is preparing for retrenchment


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Published: Monday, November 21, 2022, 0:08 [IST]

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Many experts have expressed apprehension of economic recession in the world, which is now affecting tech companies. Recently, Elon Musk took over Twitter and fired thousands of employees, including its CEO Parag Agarwal. After this it seemed that now everything will go well there, but news is coming that Elon Musk has again started considering retrenchment.

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According to Bloomberg’s report, this time Twitter will lay off the employees of the sales and partnership department. It is feared that this new retrenchment will be announced on Monday or Tuesday. Due to the coming of this news, there is an atmosphere of panic among the employees there. However, Twitter official Robin Wheeler, who is in charge of marketing and sales, has denied this.

business badly hit
At the same time, when the media tried to contact the company about this, they did not respond to it. According to a report, Twitter has more than 7500 employees, out of which 50 percent were fired. Apart from this, the company has completely abolished the work from home policy. At the same time, due to the tough decisions of Musk, about 1200 employees resigned on their own. In such a situation, his business is badly affected.

Donald Trump returns to Twitter, account restored after Elon Musk's announcementDonald Trump returns to Twitter, account restored after Elon Musk’s announcement

advertisers keeping distance
After buying Twitter, Elon Musk made a plan to recover money from blue tickers. After this many fake accounts were verified. On which he posted a lot of nonsense. According to sources, due to all these controversies, advertisers are now staying away from Twitter, due to which its loss is increasing.

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Elon Musk Twitter going to lay off again, announced soon

Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2022, 0:08 [IST]

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