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Fault in JWST 1.5 million km from Earth! NASA stopped working on a special technique of capturing photos


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Published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 19:30 [IST]

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New Delhi, 23 September. This is the second time a major technical glitch has come to light after the billion-dollar ambitious space project James Webb Telescope was launched last year. Earlier, James Webb’s glass was broken due to the collision of a space rock. But the problem that has come up now is very serious. NASA scientists are worried about this. Work on a particular assignment has been stopped. Only the same techniques are being used to take pictures from the telescope, so that James Webb does not suffer further.


The meteorite collided before sending the first picture
Dozens of NASA scientists worked hard for the James Webb telescope for many years. Billions of dollars were spent on this ambitious project. After which it was launched. A small meteorite hit the telescope’s main mirror even before NASA got the first picture from the James Webb Space Telescope. Due to which his glass was broken. However, after this NASA continued its mission.

Many breathtaking pictures sent from 1 million kilometers away
The James Webb Telescope has so far sent many important pictures of space to NASA. Due to which space scientists are getting a lot of help in research. NASA also keeps sharing these special pictures from time to time through social media. The whole astronomy world was astonished by the pictures sent by James Webb of Mars in the past. At the same time, recently James Webb has sent pictures of the planet Varuna i.e. Neptune. This is the first time in the last 30 years that a telescope has taken pictures of Neptune so close.

This fault occurred in JWST
The grating wheel of MIRI is being affected in the James Webb Telescope. This wheel is important for scientists to adjust the wavelength of light in order to see an object clearly. However, a wheel failure does not render the entire device useless. It is used in one of MIRI’s four observation modes called medium-resolution spectroscopy (MRS) modes. Using this mode, the instrument captures light spectra.

What did the scientists say?
Even after the fault in JWST, it is sending pictures of space to NASA. MIRI’s grating wheel facility is not completely closed yet. Now finding a way to fix it and continue the mission. “Our lab is performing well, and MIRI’s other three observation modes – imaging, low-resolution spectroscopy, and coronagraphy – are working normally,” NASA scientists said in a statement. are getting.”

Work stopped on a technique of telescope
According to a NASA statement, this disturbance was first observed by scientists in late August. After an investigation, it has been decided to stop that mode for observation. “The Webb team has paused to schedule observations using this particular observation mode while they continue to analyze its behavior and currently to resume MRS observations,” NASA officials wrote in the statement. Developing strategy.”

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NASA stopped working on a special technique of capturing photos by James Webb Space Telescope

Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 19:30 [IST]

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