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Fifa World Cup 2022: Controversy on one side, enthusiasm on the other side, Qatar will play World Cup for the first time

World Cup football in the shadow of controversy

It was the richest country in the world when it was awarded the World Cup football in 2010. The circumstances under which Qatar was awarded the hosting rights of the mega event have been the subject of much controversy. Qatar has an Islamic monarchy with a limited constitution. There have been complaints of human rights violations here since long. Sepp Blatter was the FIFA president when Qatar hosted the World Cup 12 years ago. Blatter was accused of corruption. But later they were cleared of the charges. At that time there was discussion that there was financial disturbance in the tender to release hosting to Qatar. Qatar has been preparing for this competition for the last decade. For this, many stadiums and new buildings for visitors were built. But controversies did not leave Qatar’s hem on this big occasion. It was alleged that migrant laborers engaged in construction work were treated like slaves. Things got so bad that former FIFA president Sepp Blatter had to say that Qatar was the biggest mistake to host the World Cup football.

ocean of passion beyond controversy

ocean of passion beyond controversy

Although Qatar does not care about these criticisms. He wants to make the World Cup event successful so that a good image can be created in front of the world. However, there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in Qatar regarding this competition. It is a matter of pride for a small country to organize such a big competition. Football World Cup fever has gripped the whole world. The fans of this game have started reaching Qatar. No one is worried about home and bar, nor about money. A woman Nazi Naushi from Kerala left her family and reached Qatar alone in a car. Mohammad Kaiser, a former Indian football coach, bought four tickets to watch World Cup matches for Rs 4.5 lakh. At present, there is an ocean of enthusiasm in Qatar, which is situated in the lap of the Persian Gulf.

football in qatar

football in qatar

Qatar was previously a British protectorate. It became independent in 1971. Qatar’s football world ranking in 1993 was 53. In 1970, it played the first international football match with Bahrain. After that it kept progressing slowly. In 1984, it made it to the final of the Gulf Cup. Then it won this competition three times. Qatar made its mark in Asian football in the early 1990s. In 1993, he became the world number 53 team. In 2006, Qatar won the gold medal in the Asian Games. In 2019, it won the AFC Asian Cup title for the first time. It defeated four-time champions Japan 3–1. This was a great achievement of Qatar. Qatar’s world ranking in 2022 is 50. Being the host country, Qatar has got the opportunity to play in the World Cup football tournament for the first time.

How is Qatar's performance outside Asia?

How is Qatar’s performance outside Asia?

In 2019, Qatar was invited to play in the Copa America Cup. At that time it was the Asian champion of football. It was placed in Group B with Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. Qatar’s first match with Paraguay ended in a 2-2 draw. In the second match it lost 1–0 to Colombia. In the third match, it was up against the mighty Argentina. Argentina needed to win this match to reach the quarter-finals. Earlier, he had lost 2-0 to Colombia. His match with Paraguay ended in a 1-1 draw. Living legend Lionel Messi was also playing in this match. Argentina played strongly and defeated Qatar 2-0. The first match in the 2022 World Cup football will be played between Qatar and Ecuador on 20 November.

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