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FIFA World Cup 2022: Which is the best goal so far after 5 days of the start of the tournament?


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Updated: Friday, November 25, 2022, 19:22 [IST]

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It’s been five days of the World Cup Football 2022. Which is the best goal scored in the matches played so far? Gary Nilekar of England and Ronaldinho of Brazil are counted among the greatest footballers of the world. In his opinion, the best goal ever scored by Richarlison of Brazil against Croatia. He scored this spectacular goal with a bicycle kick in the 73rd minute of the match. Be it football fans or former football players, everyone is mesmerized by the sight of this goal. Ballads are now being sung in praise of Richarlison’s footballing prowess.

FIFA World Cup 2022

How did this goal happen?

Brazilian left winger Vinicius headed forward from the halfway line after receiving a pass from Neymar. He then delivered Richarlison’s cross into Croatia’s penalty box. The ball was a bit high off the ground. Richarlison was looking only at Vinicia. He did not have time to turn around in front of the goal. Both the backs of Croatia were also standing behind. Then Richarlison tossed the ball up, then made a bicycle shot and put it in the goal. The bicycle shot is considered very difficult in football. That’s why the player is on the opposite side of the goal when taking a shot. He doesn’t know the angle of the goal post. Based on the forecast, he has to jump in the air and take the kick. In this attempt, he also falls on the ground. It takes a special skill to score goals like this. This shot is not easy for everyone. That too on a big stage like World Cup. This was possible only for a top class player like Richarlison.

“I was crying a month ago and now this goal is being discussed”

Richarlison is 25 years old and he is a forward player of Brazil. He has played 39 matches for Brazil, scoring 19 goals. Brazil won 2–0 against Serbia. Both these goals were scored by Richarlison. He scored the second goal with a bicycle kick. Football experts say, it can be termed as the goal of the tournament. The Croatia-Brazil match was a goalless draw till the first half. As the second half began, Richarlison scored the first for Brazil in the 62nd minute. Vinicius hit the target on a pass from Neymar. But the goalkeeper of Croatia stopped him. The ball rebounded to Richarlison who put it in the goal. Richarlison plays for Tottenham Hotspur club in the English Premier League. A month earlier, he had injured his calf in a match against Everton. Then it was being said that he might not be able to play the 2022 World Cup. Richarlison was also concerned that he might not be selected for Brazil’s World Cup squad due to injury. But soon he recovered. Today the best goal of the World Cup has been recorded in his account. Fate had decided a great achievement for him. He said, a month ago I was crying and today I am talking about this goal.

Richarlison most aggressive and fast forward

Richarlison got 7 points from his performance against Serbia. He is the fourth Brazilian player to score the first two goals in a World Cup match. Earlier, Kareka of Brazil had achieved this feat in 1990, Neymar in 2014 and Philippe Coutinho in 2018 World Cup. Richarlison is considered the most dangerous forward in the current Brazil team. He single-handedly destroyed the Serbian defence. The Serbian team reached the final last year. She finished second after losing to France in the final. It was not a weak team by any means. Brazil could only find three shots on the Croatia goal. But out of these three, he converted two into goals. In this way, Brazil has told and expressed that it is not considered the number one team in the world just like that.

Brazil is the strongest contender for the 2022 cup!

The problem with Serbia in this match was that Brazil did not give them a chance to emerge. Brazil made 19 attacks on Servia’s goalpost. Serbia was so breathless in dealing with this Brazilian attack that it could not launch an effective counter attack. Because of this, he could not score a single shot on Brazil’s goal. Seeing this game of Brazil’s forward line, it is being said that he is the strongest contender for the cup in 2022. In 2018, Brazil lost 1–2 to Belgium in the quarter-finals. But this time he has entered the field with full vigor.

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FIFA World cup 2022: Best goal of fifa 2022 till now

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