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FIFA World Cup: Rudeness of Qatar police is increasing, manhandling with journalist


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Updated: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 15:16 [IST]

Controversies are not stopping in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Qatar police in Doha ordered a Danish journalist to remove Vanlove armband. The incident took place when the journalist was shooting a segment on the World Cup. John Pagh and his team from the Danish station TV2 in Denmark were shooting outside the hotel. During this the local police came and stopped them. (Photo: Twitter/SS)

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Danish journalist (Twitter)

In the video shared on social media, the security personnel is seen telling this journalist that you should remove this armband. The armband has been controversial this World Cup because homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. Earlier, a US journalist was prevented from entering the stadium. Danish journalist John told the security guard “I respect what you’re saying but I can’t take this band off. Why isn’t it allowed? Because of the colour?” The policeman said yes and pushed the camera. After this John again said that it is just a love, which respects everyone.

band worn in support of homosexuality

Armbands being worn to support the LGBTQ community during the FIFA World Cup. Apart from this, rainbow shirts are also being worn. However, the Qatar Police seems completely serious about these matters. Journalists with armbands and rainbow shirts are constantly being stopped. Earlier on Monday, an American journalist was detained at the US-Wales match after being prevented from entering the stadium because of his rainbow shirt. However, later that journalist was allowed to enter the stadium.
Many captains will no longer wear armbands

The captains of England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark were made to wear OneLove armbands in a show of support for the LGBTQ community. But they have now changed their mind, announcing in a joint statement on Monday.

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FIFA World Cup: Rudeness of Qatar police is increasing manhandling with journalist over armband issue

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