For the first time in the video, see how the fetus of a lamb is growing in an artificial womb, now a child will be born without a mother! – न्यूज़लीड India

For the first time in the video, see how the fetus of a lamb is growing in an artificial womb, now a child will be born without a mother!

What is the truth of the video?

A viral video showing a lamb fetus developing in an artificial womb has left netizens perplexed and many netizens are questioning the veracity of the video. Many users feel that this video is not original, so we have done research to verify the authenticity of this video and in our research we have found that this video is completely authentic and true. In fact, the development of a lamb embryo is taking place in an artificial womb. This video is actually a scientific experiment, but the only difference is that this video is not from today, but from a few years ago. A few years ago scientists successfully developed a lamb embryo in an artificial womb and that lamb was born and the same video is now going viral on the internet.

video viral on twitter

video viral on twitter

With this video going viral on Twitter, different reactions of people are also coming out, and especially at this time, when the case of sheep walking in a circle has come to the fore on the internet for several days continuously, people are watching this video. Very excited about it too. Although this experiment revolving around lambs and an artificial womb was done about half a decade ago, it has piqued people’s interest once again.

Experiment was done in the year 2017

Experiment was done in the year 2017

This experiment was originally done in 2017 by researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The video was shared by Tech Insider on its YouTube channel. Researchers at the hospital placed premature lamb embryos in an artificially created womb for four weeks and during this time an attempt was made to see whether this lamb embryo survives, or if it dies. . But, the researchers were surprised when this embryo not only remained alive, but also continued to develop. According to the report, this fetus grew and its weight also kept increasing to normal level and then this fetus also opened its eyes. According to the report, after the survival of this fetus, scientists did this kind of experiment on eight more lambs and all the experiments were successful. The purpose of this experiment was to do research on artificial womb, so that in future humans can also be developed through artificial womb.

How did life develop in an artificial womb?

Let us give you a little more information about artificial womb, so that it can be understood that how life was developed in artificial womb. Although this biobag, ie artificial womb, does not look like a real womb, but it works like the same. The plastic bag acts as the uterus and protects the embryo from the external environment. This artificial embryo has been made by special scientific method. This biobag contains an electrolyte facility, which functions similarly to amniotic fluid in the uterus to circulate blood and exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. However, lambs and humans are not the same, so scientists acknowledged at the time that more research was needed before it could be tested on human babies.

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