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Former US President Bill Clinton said, agents were sent to catch the aliens, also spoke on Area-51

Bill Clinton’s Big Confession

The disclosure about this big confession of Bill Clinton has been made in the new report of the US Parliament, in which a committee has been formed regarding America’s alien campaign. A new report by the US Congress on the search for life on new planets has revealed that former President Bill Clinton admitted that he sent US agents to Area 51 to search for aliens. Bill Clinton has made this disclosure during a discussion on American TV. The former US President said that scientists told him that there is a possibility of life somewhere other than Earth. The former US President made similar remarks a few years back during a show on American television.

What is America's 'Area 51'?

What is America’s ‘Area 51’?

Area 51 is a US Air Force base where many have speculated that it is linked to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Although the existence of alien life around a military installation has never been proven, it has become well known throughout the world, including the US, that Area 51 is part of an American conspiracy theory. However, much information was never given from the US side regarding Area 51. But, it is said that the US conducts research on aliens in Area 51 and the former head of the Israeli intelligence agency claimed that the US has captured the aliens in Area 51 and is doing research on it. At the same time, Bill Clinton’s remarks came after NASA recently said that it would launch an investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), while the US Congress had an open discussion on UFOs.

What did the NASA chief say on aliens?

What did the NASA chief say on aliens?

Former astronaut and current NASA Chief Bill Nelson has said that aliens exist because this universe is so big. Therefore we cannot say at all that there are no aliens in the universe. Bill Nelson has said that it is likely that there will be more intelligent extraterrestrial life in this universe. So we can say with full confidence that there is a strong possibility of aliens. According to a report published in the Daily Star, Bill Nelson has said that the James Webb Telescope launched on Christmas Day will help us a lot to find other parts of the universe. There is every hope that life can flourish here.

Former CIA chief claims aliens

Former CIA chief claims aliens

James Woolsey, the former director of the US intelligence agency CIA who served as the head of the CIA from 1993 to 1995, told Black Vault in 2021 that he saw the airframe while flying at 40,000 feet and then we We followed him, but we could not follow him. He had said that at that time his friend was also present in the aircraft with him. He claimed that, ‘enough things like this have happened that I think there should be a lot of investigation into what is happening over the course of several months or years’. He said that now I am not skeptical in this matter like last few years ago. Because, many intelligent and experienced pilots of America have also seen this wonder.

Claims of former chief of British intelligence agency

Claims of former chief of British intelligence agency

Sir John Sawers, former director of the British intelligence agency MI-6, also believes in the existence of aliens. Sharing his thoughts at the Digital Transformation Expo in London in 2019, the former British Director of Intelligence, who was head of the Secret Intelligence Service from 2009 to 2014, said that the infinite size of the universe would mean “extraordinary” if comparable life. does not exist anywhere else. He said: “I think it would be extraordinary if Earth is the only unique planet in an infinite solar system.”

Israel's former space chief claims

Israel’s former space chief claims

Haim Eshed, former director of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Space Station, who worked for his country from 2007 to 2011, who has been an Israeli aeronautical engineering professor since December 2020, has claimed the existence of aliens. They have not only claimed the existence of aliens, but have even claimed that as much as humans are interested in knowing, seeing and understanding about aliens, the same interest in aliens is about humans. He told Yediot Aharonot newspaper that, humans and aliens have already signed a secret agreement, which includes an “underground base in the depths of Mars”, where American astronauts and foreign representatives are located. He even made a sensational claim that, so far, there is no final agreement between aliens and humans, where they can announce about this deal.

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