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Former Vice President Hamid Ansari said on controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari said on controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad


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Updated: Thursday, June 9, 2022, 13:29 [IST]

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Hamid Ansari

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Hamid Ansari

BJP has removed its spokespersons on the controversial remarks made about Prophet Mohammad, but many feel that this action is insufficient.

More than 15 Islamic countries raised questions on India and along with many countries also summoned the ambassadors of India. Even within India, people are besieging the Modi government.

India has responded to these objections by issuing separate statements and has tried to make it clear that the Indian government respects all religions.

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari and film actor Naseeruddin Shah have also expressed their opinion on this controversy through a news channel.

Hamid Ansari has said that the way India responded to the opposition of Islamic countries by issuing a statement is not enough. At the same time, Naseeruddin Shah has also said that now to stop the spread of poison, PM Modi himself should intervene in the matter.

While being the National Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, Nupur Sharma made controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad during a debate on a television channel. Sharing the video of this debate show, Naveen Jindal also made an objectionable tweet.

There was a lot of accusations and counter allegations on the statements of both in India and after this Islamic countries started registering objections. Qatar first summoned the Indian ambassador and demanded an apology from India.

Hamid Ansari has also been a former diplomat. Have worked with some of the protesting nations. Hamid Ansari, who has experience in diplomatic relations, said, “It is not enough to just issue a statement of the embassy. It is not enough even for the official spokesperson to simply issue a clarification. It should have been handled at the appropriate political level.”

He said, “The Prime Minister has handled the matter but no one will believe that he has done so in time.”

PM Modi has not said anything on this matter yet. Hamid Ansari was asked what message he would like to give to the Prime Minister. To this, he said, “The prime minister should have said the right things…he knows what to say. I don’t need to tell him what he should do and what not to do.”

On the question of what India has to lose in the Gulf countries, he said that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has 52 member countries, which play an important role at the time of voting in the United Nations.

Hamid Ansari said, “It is not a matter of opposition to any one country, which makes us feel bad. Rather it is a question of 52 member countries of the United Nations raising their voice against us. In this way, the countries should unite to protest. It is not possible until they agree at the political level that this is the issue that needs to be raised vigorously.”

“This is not an individual issue. It has affected the community of a particular religion. If it affects every Muslim in the world then this kind of reaction was bound to happen. This protest was certain.”

Film actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that PM Modi himself should come forward to stop the spread of this poison.

Naseeruddin Shah

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Naseeruddin Shah

Shah said in an interview to NDT, “I would appeal to the PM to give wisdom to these people. If he believes that what was said in the Parliament of Religions (Haridwar) was wrong, then say this, if he found it right.” So also say this. They have to do something. PM ​​needs to stop this poison from spreading.”

The government tried to quell the anger by terming the remarks a rhetoric of ‘fringe elements’.

To this, Naseeruddin Shah said, “She is not a woman fringe element. She is a national spokesperson.”

Nupur Sharma claimed that she had commented on the Prophet after repeatedly insulting Mahadev (Lord Shiva). However, Sharma withdrew his statement after the controversy escalated.

The 71-year-old actor said that he does not remember any such incident when a Muslim has made such provocative statements against Hindu gods and goddesses.

On the threats to kill Nupur Sharma after the statement, Naseeruddin Shah said that it should be condemned.

He said, “This kind of thinking is also wrong. That is why this is the condition of Pakistan and Afghanistan today. We do not need to look after these countries but we are doing it in some way. People are now suspected of cow slaughter. being killed. All this used to happen in barbaric Islamic countries earlier – not in India.”

Countries opposing the statement on Prophet Mohammad include Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Maldives, Libya and Indonesia.

Nupur Sharma was suspended from the party 10 days ago by BJP. Naveen Jindal has been expelled.

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