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Four accused were sentenced to 10-10 from Sagar court, were recruited in the army by putting fake documents


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Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 3:00 am [IST]

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Court Decision About 6 years ago, four people who were recruited by using fake documents in Sagar’s army center were caught during scrutiny. After matching the original documents, the Army handed them over to the Cantt Police. In the investigation of the army and police, some of his documents were found to be fake. After a long hearing and listening to all the parties, the four accused have been sent to jail under various sections on charges of forgery in army recruitment. The court has sentenced them to 10-10 years of rigorous imprisonment. In the absence of evidence, the court acquitted a fifth accused who prepared the documents by taking money.

court decision

The court of Second Additional Sessions Judge Shiv Balak Sahu in Sagar has sentenced four accused to rigorous imprisonment in the case of recruitment by putting fake documents in army recruitment. Under three different sections, the four accused have been sentenced to two years under section 420, 10 years under section 467 and 5-5 years under section 468. All the three sentences will run concurrently. District Prosecution’s media in-charge Saurabh Dimha told that the case was filed in the court by the Cantt Police. In which, on July 14, 2016, Subedar Kansingh Rajput had given an application in the Cantt police station that Mukesh Kumar, Mandeep Singh, Ajay and Lokesh Kumar had obtained jobs in the army by applying fake documents. The Cantt police station registered a case against the four accused under sections 420, 467, 468, 471 and 120B and took them under investigation. Statements of Subedar Kansingh, Sakshi Lakhwinder Singh, Rakesh Maurya were also taken on behalf of the army in the case.

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When matched with the original documents, their documents turned out to be fake.

According to the case presented in the court, the accused Mukesh Kumar, Mandeep Singh, Ajay and Lokesh Kumar had fraudulently prepared the Rahdari form and medical certificate for army recruitment. These documents were put in the army recruitment of Sagar Mahar Regiment. The accused had told that they had received them from near Delhi station. Giriraj, a relative of the accused in the case, was also questioned. Giriraj was accused of taking Rs 5 lakh each from the accused in army recruitment. When the documents submitted by the accused were matched with the original Rahdari Form and First Aid Examination Form issued by the Army, they were found to be fake and fabricated. According to the media in-charge of the court, the court acquitted the accused Giriraj due to lack of any concrete proof or evidence regarding the transaction of money for recruitment, while the four main accused were sentenced to 10-10 years of rigorous imprisonment and fine. Have heard Additional Public Prosecutor Ashish Chaturvedi appeared on behalf of the government in the court.

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english summary

The court has sent four youths, who were recruited in the army by putting fake documents, to jail after a long hearing. All the four have been sentenced to 10-10 years rigorous imprisonment. Sagar Court has given this important decision.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 3:00 am [IST]

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