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Funny video: Monkey had to mess with ‘snake’, condition worsened due to banana


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Updated: Friday, November 18, 2022, 20:53 [IST]

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Fake Snake Prank On Monkey: Monkey is considered to be one of the most playful creatures. They do not harm anyone, but they disturb the living beings around them a lot. Now a funny video is going viral on social media, in which a monkey is seen messing with a snake. However, his reality turned out to be something else. (video-below)


Actually some people played a very dirty joke with the monkeys. He placed a fake snake at the place where the monkeys were terrorizing. Also tied a thread to that snake, to which a banana was attached. In no time, a monkey reached there doing mischief. Initially the monkey could not understand anything, but as soon as he picked up the banana, his condition worsened.

As soon as he picked up the banana, the snake attached to the thread also started coming towards him. The more the monkey pulled the banana, because of the thread, the fake snake kept coming nearer to it. The monkey was forced by his habit, so he did not leave the banana after seeing the snake. After a few seconds, he ran fast with the banana. On which the fake snake also started following him. At last the monkey thought it more important to save his life and left the banana and climbed the tree.

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After this a devil monkey also reached there. He picked up the banana, but as the snake moved towards it, it broke the thread itself. On this the fake snake fell down and went ahead after eating the banana. Some other monkeys also got cheated by the fake snake and had to suffer for a long time. Although it is not known where this video is from, but it is becoming very viral on social media. At the same time, some people have appealed not to disturb the animals by pranking in this way.

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Monkey ran away after seeing fake snake, funny video viral

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