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Gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Latvia was blown up, who attacked?

Gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Latvia was blown up, who attacked?

European countries are constantly embroiled in conflict and last year the Germany-Russia Nord Stream gas pipeline was also blown up.


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Updated: Saturday, January 14, 2023, 8:42 [IST]

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Lithuania and Latvia Gas Pipeline: European countries continue to be in crisis and after the Ukraine war a gas pipeline linking Lithuania and Latvia has now been attacked. According to the report, this gas pipeline located in northern Lithuania has been greatly affected after the explosion. However, there was no immediate evidence of an attack.

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Who attacked the gas pipeline?

Lithuanian gas transmission operator Amber Grid said a pipeline exploded in Panevezys county on Friday, although the fire was extinguished after a strenuous effort. Amber Grid’s chief executive, Nemunas Biknius, told a press conference that “according to the preliminary assessment, we do not see a fatal cause, but the investigation will include all possible options.” First the gas supply has been cut off, as the explosion damaged one of two parallel pipelines sending gas from Lithuania to Latvia. But, after a few hours the gas supply has been restored again.

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Russia’s neighboring country is Lithuania

Let us tell you that Lithuania, like war-torn Ukraine, borders Russia and lies on the Baltic Sea, where the Russia-Germany Nord Stream gas pipeline was also attacked and completely demolished last year. According to the report, this time the flames after the explosion initially rose about 50 m (160 ft) in the air and could be seen from a distance of at least 17 km (11 mi). There were no reports of injuries or deaths, Baltic news agency BNS said. Povilas Balciunas, head of public administration in the nearby town of Pasvalis, said the flames burned like “a huge gas torch” before being brought under control.

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english summary

The gas pipeline built between Lithuania and Latvia has been blown up.

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