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Giorgia Miloni’s victory in Italy challenges capitalism


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Updated: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 16:15 [IST]

The word capital in English comes from the Latin root word catal. The word capital comes into existence from catal and caput from caput. The word capital is derived from two Latin words, in which caput means head and catal means cattle.

Giorgia Meloni victory in Italy is against market capitalism

Here cattle refers to movable property which was considered the greatest wealth in ancient Europe. The one who owned it became the caput. From this the word capital was formed and from this capital capitalism, whose use starts from the seventeenth century.

In response to this capitalism, another word was coined in Europe itself, Socialism. The root of the word also goes to the Latin language which is originally connected with socire which means to share socially.

The term socialism was coined in the eighteenth century by Fierre Leuroux, a French political economist. He first used the term socialism in a research paper in 1834. The name of his research paper was “Individualism and Socialism”.

It was from here that the term socialism became a part of the political debate in Europe, which was later adopted by Marxists in 1888. The government system created by Marxism to control the production system was named Socialism.

Clash of Capitalism and Socialism

Since then, these two issues in the world have been clashing with each other in the name of capitalism and socialism. The communists held the command of public-profit socialism, while the command of individual capitalism was taken over by the capitalists of Europe.

After World War II both capitalism and socialism realized that this method of capturing the world market was destructive. The capitalism that Europe was fostering on the basis of colonialism changed it. Now he vehemently closed the main door of his colonies and the thief returned again with the rattle of the market in his hand from the door.

This neo-colonialism was preceded by GATT then later WTO. Their job was to create business opportunities around the world. Today, most of the countries of the world, including India, have adopted the marketism which has been called “liberalism”, at the root of it is the same capitalism which broke down every wall that came in its way not by war but by trade. In such a situation, the election of Georgia Miloni as the new Prime Minister of Italy is shocking.

Left Wing Right Wing out of French Parliament

The victory of Georgia Miloni’s party “Brothers of Italy” in the Italian general election has been declared by the British media BBC as the victory of the “Far Right Party”. Miloni is seen by the BBC as a ‘far right’ leader, while Miloni herself has been associated with the Socialist Movement. Then why is the BBC declaring him ‘Far Right’ or a conservative? If we understand this Left Right also, then the classification of media institutions like BBC will also be understood.

The roots of this Left Right classification also lie in the Capitalist and Socialist conflict. After the French Revolution in 1789, those who were supporters of the king in the French Parliament sat on the right side while those who were against the king sat on the left.
From here, this division of left-right started in politics, which was most misused by the communists in the world. Because the king’s opponents were sitting on the left side in the French Parliament, those who opposed the king in France called themselves left. This definition was later attached by the communists to all forms of fissionism in the name of social revolution.

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This left-right confrontation of the French Parliament has been so developed today that a center has also been identified by classifying it as Far Left and Far Right, which is neither here nor there. But all these ideological divisions have emerged from the womb of Europe, which have been imposed on every culture of the world including India. Such civilizations had their own political and cultural heritage thrown into the background.

Left liberals become advocates of capitalism

It is an established truth that “rightwing” or “far right” are those who are supporters of capitalism and the marketism derived from it. Whereas “left” or “far left” are called those who oppose capitalism and economic division on the lines of socialism. But be surprised that not only the BBC, but every major media in the world is describing the victory of Georgia Miloni as the victory of the “Far Right Wing” while she herself has won the election by speaking against capitalism and marketism. By law, her victory should be called the victory of the left wing because she is openly speaking against marketism. Then why the left liberal media’s backlash against Georgia Miloni?

The campaign of Georgia Miloni was completely against marketism. He made issues of family, society and individual identity, which in Italy have almost been destroyed by marketism. He did all this under no written script like US President Barack Obama did during his election campaign. Obama had a lot of family but he also did not open his mouth against marketism. But Miloni not only emphasized the importance of family and individual existence, but also blamed the marketism that perpetuated it.

Then the question arises that after opposing the marketism, why is the Left Liberal Media calling him Far Right Leader instead of calling him Left Liberal? In fact, now the left liberal media or NGOs are living on the money of capitalism. Therefore, every voice raised against the market is termed as orthodox.

The serious question that Georgia Miloni has raised on marketism is the crisis of human identity. Georgia raised this point most prominently during its campaign that marketism is taking away our identity from us and turning us into a number. We cannot be proud to be Italians because we are left as consumers.

Creating a consumer market by erasing the identity of man

This crisis is not only in Italy. It may be at its peak in the countries of Europe, but all over the world the market is taking away every kind of identity from man and making him a consumer. By erasing the country, society, family, personal identity is also converting into an identity card. That is why people who call themselves Left Liberal Media are most vocal against principles like nationalism.

Nationalism, familism gives a real identity to man apart from just being a consumer, which the market does not consider as a good sign for itself. This is what Georgia Miloni has said repeatedly during her election campaign in Italy. Unfortunately, it is the so-called left liberal media that is promoting this anti-nationalist capitalist agenda the most. Those who talk about nationalism, society or tradition by going against the market, so called left liberal groups start declaring them as conservative or right wing.

But the victory of the party of Giorgia Miloni in Italy can actually be seen as a voice against the growing market crisis on the world. That is why even the Liberal newspaper, defender of American capitalism, is seeing the victory of Georgia Miloni as a challenge against American capitalism.

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