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Gwalior district administration is going to conduct a unique experiment in elections


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Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 21:51 [IST]

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Gwalior, June 22. A unique experiment is being done by the district administration in the panchayat and urban body elections going to be held in Gwalior. In this election, 437 students of NCC and NSS will be made special police officers by the district administration. For this, all the students have been given proper training.


District administration is going to do a unique experiment for the first time

Gwalior district administration is going to do this unique experiment for the first time in this time’s Panchayat and urban body elections. With this experiment, the police and administration will not see any shortage of staff in the elections this time. In every election, the administrative officers had to be troubled by the shortage of staff, but this time the students of NCC and NSS will fill this shortcoming.


437 students were selected

437 NCC and NSS students have been selected to be made special police officers in panchayat and urban body elections. All these students were also given special training on Wednesday at Atal Auditorium of Jiwaji University and they were told how to do their duty on election day.
Will help voters at the polling station

In the training, it has been told to all the students that they will help the pregnant women coming to the polling station as well as the disabled and sick voters and get them to vote. Along with this, if it rains, then everyone will be seated in a safe place. Not only this, if suspects are seen at the polling station, they will immediately inform the senior officials.
Certificate and honor will be given to these students after duty

A certificate will also be given to all NCC and NSS students who become special police officers after election duty. Apart from this, the students doing good work will also be honored by the authorities.
Till now Kotwar and Chowkidar were made special police officers

In all the elections held so far, kotwars and chowkidars were made special police officers, but this time educated students are being made special police officers. This will not only help a lot at the polling station, but with their understanding, this special police officer will keep the polling station calm and safe.

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english summary

437 students of NCC and NSS will become special police officers in gwalior

Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 21:51 [IST]

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