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Gyanvapi case: What did some common people of Banaras say on the court’s decision?



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Updated: Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 13:11 [IST]

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Important things related to Gyanvapi Mosque

  • There is controversy over the history of Gyanvapi Mosque.
  • Many believe that the mosque was built by demolishing the already existing Vishwanath temple.
  • Many historians say that there is no mention of temple demolition in the historical documents.
  • The petition of five women demanding worship of deities in the Gyanvapi mosque complex has been accepted for hearing.

“Cannot speak on camera. Who should come tomorrow from the administration and what should be raised alleging that you are instigating people, spoiling the atmosphere.”

These were the words of a Muslim merchant of Nai Sadak Bazaar, located a short distance from the Kashi Vishwanath-Gyanvapi Mosque. It is famous about this market that everything from living to dying is available here.

This businessman said that even though the local people have forgotten that such a case is in court, but the security arrangements of the media and administration make so much noise, as if reminding people that something big is about to happen.

Shortly before this conversation on Monday, the district court of Varanasi had said in its order that the hearing of the petition of five women who went to the Gyanvapi Masjid premises demanding worship of Maa Shringar Gauri, could go ahead. The Muslim side has said to challenge it in the High Court.

After this decision came, the BBC tried to know their reaction from some local Hindus and Muslims in Varanasi.

Gyanvapi Mosque

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Gyanvapi Mosque

some muslims response to

Local journalist Ateeq Ansari lives in one of the narrow lanes of Rewari Talab. Shortly after the court’s decision, we went to meet him in the midst of light rain.

Ateeq Ansari says, “It is a pity. If there is disappointment from here, then the committee will go to the higher court. It has the right to go and should also go.”

“There does not seem to be any end to this series. Kashi, Mathura, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, this mosque. That mosque. It should be decided whether this is the last list and where the matter will be decided. Will it be through mutual talks or with the court. But this chapter should be closed. There should be talk of livelihood also.”

Many people feel that what happened in the Babri Masjid case may not happen in this case as well. The Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992 by militant Hindus.

Atiq Ansari says, “It is true that there (Sringar Gauri) water was offered. It was banned in 1992. Since then, there was a ban till now. rejected. “

ateeq ansari


ateeq ansari

In 1991, when the PV Narasimha Rao government of Congress brought the Place of Worship Bill (Special Provisions), the Ram temple movement in the country was at its peak.

In this law made in the same year, it has been said that whatever the condition of the religious place at the time of August 15, 1947, after that it will remain the same and its nature or nature will not change.

On page 17 of its 26-page order on Monday, the court said that the petitioner wanted to worship mother Shringar Gauri, who she claimed to have worshiped there till 1993. In the petition, ownership is not being claimed over the disputed property.

“They have not declared in the case that the disputed property should be declared a temple,” the court said.

Ansari says that there should be no decisions on the road and people should obey whatever the court decides.

Lakshmi Narayan

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Lakshmi Narayan

Hafiz Zahoor Masjid is located near the house of Ateeq Ansari. Many policemen were stationed outside. Tight security arrangements were also in place in many areas of Varanasi. A day earlier, Varanasi Police also did a flag march.

Among those who came out of the mosque after offering prayers, there was also Mohammad Sulaym in a white kurta.

Asked for his reaction to the court’s order, he smiled a little, then said, “The court decides, justice does not happen.”

Abdullah Nasir, a merchant of sarees standing near him, said that the atmosphere is very calm. Just like we used to live earlier in normal days, everyone is living in the same way today.

He says, “Whatever the court will decide, our religious gurus sitting here follow them. They say, we will obey whatever the court says.”

On the court order, SM Yasin, general secretary of Anjuman Intzamiya Masjid, said that he would go to the next court against the order.

Local lawyers say that the Muslim side can appeal against this order in the High Court.


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Rewari Bazaar is located a short distance from the new road textile market in Banaras. Nearby are Kashi Vishwanath and Gyanvapi Masjid.

At the same time, the cloth merchant Firoz Siddiqui was worried about something else.

He says, “Whatever the decision comes, it has to be believed. But since this dispute went on, the whole market here has become bad. People are scared of the dispute that nothing should happen. No one comes here. Time and again the police come and run. The dispute is where it is. The whole market has been destroyed.”

Firoz Siddiqui says that man should talk about humanity and join education.

Asked about the court’s order, Shakeel Ahmed, who runs another shop a short distance away, says, “If we criticize the court’s decision, it will be wrong.”

He said, “The shops are open. There is no trace of business. The condition of this market has become very bad. The condition of this temple-mosque which is open has made the condition very bad. The fear has arisen as to what to do, when the situation may worsen. For the last six months, the market condition is very bad. Customers have disappeared from here.”


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Local journalist Utpal Pathak takes a few months back to understand the reasons.

Utpal Pathak says, “In the month of May, when the trial court of Varanasi District Court started hearing this case continuously, there was a gathering of media channels and the news of the moment was being shown on TV. After that the court During the commissioner’s proceedings which lasted for three consecutive days, the police had closed shops in many areas adjacent to Gyanvapi from the point of view of security.

There are thousands of wholesale and retail shops in Muslim dominated areas like Dalmandi and its adjoining Hadha Sarai, Nai Sadak, a few steps away from Gyanvapi. From here, many types of goods, clothes are supplied to other cities and towns of Purvanchal as well as to the markets of Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal border.

According to Utpal Pathak, in the month of May, when it is time for marriage, then there is a good sale in these areas. But in the same month, the media coverage given to Gyanvapi created an atmosphere of fear and traders from outlying provinces did not come.

He says, “Due to the closure of the court in June, business started improving that from July, the trial date started and from the point of view of security, the police conduct route marches and flag marches in these areas before every sensitive date.

“High officials are also present along with the additional force. In such a situation, local customers, especially women, do not even try to buy in areas like Dalmandi or Nai Sadak out of fear.”

Akash Kesari


Akash Kesari

some Hindus response to

It is not an easy task to handle traffic at Godauliya intersection near Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Akash Kesari, who runs a shop here, said on the order of the court, “Very right decision has come. Just keep giving such decisions in the coming times.”

Nearby Laxmi Narayan Yadav runs another shop. He says, “The verdict has come in favor of Hindus. We are very happy.”

A Hindu man said at Godoliya crossroads, “Whoever is going to be worshiped, he must be allowed to worship.”

Another Hindu person said that he is happy being a Hindu but he does not want the peace in Varanasi to be affected due to this dispute.

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