Helpless mother came out to sell the girl child, even the police is not able to help, know what is the whole matter – न्यूज़लीड India

Helpless mother came out to sell the girl child, even the police is not able to help, know what is the whole matter

5000 rupees loan increased the difficulties

In Mushari Tola of Jamui, a person had taken a loan of 5 thousand rupees, gradually the interest increased to 25 thousand rupees. When the man was unable to pay the loan, his wife went out to sell her two-month-old daughter to pay off her husband’s debt. The victim’s parents said that they do the work of collecting garbage, his brother Karu Manjhi had given a loan of 5 thousand rupees through the contractor, which has now become 25 thousand rupees. He is unable to pay this amount, so selling the child and paying off the loan was the last resort. The victim’s family has two sons and a 2-month-old baby girl. She had gone to sell her daughter only.

uncle held nephew hostage

uncle made nephew hostage

The victim’s father alleges that the contractor and brother Karu Manjhi together took his 10-year-old son hostage. Because of this, his wife had reached the Jhajha police station area to sell the child. The matter came to light when she reached the police station to sell the girl. When people got suspicious, a crowd gathered there. A woman was about to buy the girl child for 30 thousand rupees when she was shocked to see the crowd gathering. At the same time, the matter was revealed in the interrogation of the people.

Uncle accused of taking hostage

Uncle accused of taking hostage

The victims’ families Mengu Manjhi (husband) and Madhu Manjhi (wife) told that they used to work with brother in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. Last year, Karu Manjhi had got a loan of Rs 5000 from the contractor on his relationship. After that the victim came to Jhajha. After which brother Karu Manjhi and his wife Anita Devi started asking for money but the money could not be arranged. Mengu Manjhi said that his son is missing for 3 days. He alleged that Karu Manakshi (brother of the victim) had his son hostage. 25 thousand will release the child after paying the loan. In this entire matter, Jhajha police station president Rajesh Sharan said that no application has been received yet, action will be taken on receiving the complaint.

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