Hemant government is going to take a big step, such election journey will be easy in Jharkhand – न्यूज़लीड India

Hemant government is going to take a big step, such election journey will be easy in Jharkhand


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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 20:42 [IST]

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Ranchi, November 09- The Hemant Soren government has taken steps to strengthen its support base through roads. The focus is on rural and backward areas. Especially in those areas where roads have not been built for years. This is the reason why the state government is focusing on the rural areas of Santhal Pargana and Kolhan division for the construction of roads. There can be a radical change in the process of construction of roads in rural areas. For this, the Rural Development Minister himself is constantly working hard.

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Loan is also available to the government from the Asian Development Bank

On the other hand, the state government has also got loans from the Asian Development Bank for the construction of roads in these areas. Roads in rural areas are suffering as soon as they leave the urban areas of the state and now by improving the condition of these roads, the state government is preparing to go on election journey. According to the reports received by the government, the roads in the rural areas of Santal Parganas and Kolhan division are short and in poor condition. The ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Congress have a strong vote bank in these areas and that is the reason the Hemant government is preparing to make the election journey easier through these roads.

Village roads will be strengthened, the way of construction will change

A five-member team headed by Engineer-in-Chief Murari Bhagat has prepared a complete plan of change in which along with strengthening the roads of rural areas, the way of construction has also been prepared. On the instructions of Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam, all preparations have been made to change the pattern for the construction of roads in rural areas. Not only this, for the first time, land will be acquired for roads in rural areas as well. This will make the whole road the same. At present, the acquisition is not done, due to which the roads remain only eight-nine feet wide at some places.

Changes will happen through these mediums

GSB technology to be used: Granular sub base or GSB is a specific layer adopted in highway construction, which is placed above the sub grade and below the crust material. Various naturally available grades of materials can be used for GSB. This protects the top layer of the road from water.
WMM method to be adopted: For road construction, when the base is built with broken stones and the road surface is bound by moisture to stone dust, then that particular form of road construction is called water bound macadam road. goes. It is one of the most commonly used processes at the time of road construction. This increases the capacity and strength of the roads.
BM system will be used: Bitumen Macadam – It is used in rural roads. In this, a layer of BM is laid and premix concrete (PMC) is laid on it. Used on narrow roads.
Design changes based on traffic survey

Minimum standards have been set for better riding quality and sustainable routes. Roads in rural areas will have 150 mm of GSB layer, 150 mm of WMM layer, 50 mm of BM layer and 50 mm of BC layer. Thus the minimum thickness of the roads will be 40 cm. Despite this, the design can also be changed on the basis of seven days traffic survey.

Now the village road will also run for five years

Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam says that our aim is to build such roads in rural areas which do not have to be seen for five years. There will be at least 11 feet of roads and there will be acquisition of land for the flank. We will also give compensation to the villagers and farmers in lieu of land.

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Hemant government is going to take a big step, such election journey will be easy in Jharkhand

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 20:42 [IST]

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