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Himachal Election 2022: After 48 hours, voters will decide the fate of 68 candidates

AAP has 68 candidates, four-five in strong position

The Aam Aadmi Party is contesting all the 68 seats in the state. She has contested the Himachal Pradesh elections with the development model of Delhi and Punjab. Since AAP did not have a strong organization in Himachal, many leaders of other parties had joined it. BJP leader Rajan had been a minister in the Sushant Dhumal government. He had become four MLAs from the BJP. He was also elected MP in 2009. But in 2022 he is contesting the assembly elections from Fatehpur on AAP ticket. Umakant Dogra was also in BJP earlier. But now he is AAP’s candidate from Nagrota Bangwa. Similarly, Manish Thakur was the state president of Youth Congress earlier. Now he is contesting from Paonta Sahib on AAP ticket. AAP has fielded former CPI(M) leader Sudarshan Jaspa as its candidate from Lahaul-Spiti. According to the current election situation, AAP is looking strong in four to six seats. Congress seems to be at a loss due to AAP contesting elections.

BJP hopeful of Modi's meeting

BJP hopeful of Modi’s meeting

The ruling BJP is facing a formidable challenge this time. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rallies have given flight to his hopes. On Wednesday, Narendra Modi gave a constructive speech in Hamirpur and Sujanpur. He said, this is my last election meeting in this state. Are you guys ready to change the custom (change of power on 5-5 years) this time? In response to this question, the public raised the slogan, Yes! Yes sir ! The BJP has got some relief from this thinking of the people. There are many issues like inflation, employment, Agniveer scheme, old pension scheme. But despite this, the BJP hopes that Modi’s name will pave the way for it to win. In 2017, the BJP had gained 18 seats. She had come from 26 to 44, due to which the power was destined. Because of Narendra Modi, he is keeping the same hope in 2022 as well.

What is the atmosphere like for Congress?

What is the atmosphere like for Congress?

Himachal Pradesh is a small state. There are only 12 districts in this state. Kangra and Mandi districts are the biggest where the BJP got a big victory in the last elections. Of the 15 assembly seats in Kangra district, the BJP had won 11. Whereas Congress got only three seats. Of the 10 assembly seats in Mandi district, BJP got 9 and one seat was won by others. The account of Congress was not even opened in this district. Congress could get lead in only 4 out of 12 districts. But this time there is a lot of discussion among the public about some of the election announcements of the Congress. The promise of giving 1500 rupees a month to every woman of the state can prove to be a game changer. The effect of this announcement of Congress on women is visible. The female literacy rate in Himachal is 73.5%. The educated women of this state are very politically aware. No political party can bluff him. Government employees and pensioner voters are also talking about Congress. They feel that if the Congress wins, the old pension scheme can be restored. Now who will win and who will lose, after 48 hours this decision will be stamped.

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