Hindus and Sikhs living in Afghanistan will come to India, Modi government issued e-visa after the attack – न्यूज़लीड India

Hindus and Sikhs living in Afghanistan will come to India, Modi government issued e-visa after the attack

Hindus and Sikhs will come to India

Let us tell you that the Islamic terrorist organization Islamic State had threatened to attack Hindus and Sikhs living in Afghanistan and Parwan Gurdwara was also attacked on Saturday, after which the Indian government has given shelter to Hindus and Sikhs in the country. has decided. Two people were killed and seven were injured in Saturday’s attack on the Gurudwara in Bagh-e-Bala.

could have been a horrific attack

could have been a horrific attack

The attack could have turned into a major tragedy had the security guards on the spot risked their lives not to stop an explosive-laden vehicle before reaching the gurdwara. The attack took place early in the morning and around 30 people were present inside the gurdwara at that time. Among the dead were a Sikh man at the gurdwara and a soldier of the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate Army in the shootout. The Pazvok news agency reported that the three attackers were later killed by Taliban forces.

Islamic State has become a big threat

Let us tell you that Islamic State is constantly targeting minorities and Shia Muslims in Afghanistan. The attackers affiliated with ISIS Khorasan had claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. “First the gunmen hurled a grenade that caught fire near the gate of the gurdwara,” the Associated Press quoted a Home Office spokesperson as saying. On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the “barbaric” terrorist attack and said he was praying for the safety and welfare of the devotees. PM Modi tweeted that, ‘Shocked by the cowardly terrorist attack against Karta Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul. I condemn this barbaric attack and pray for the safety and welfare of the devotees.” At the same time, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar also strongly condemned the “cowardly attack” on the gurdwara and said that the government would appreciate the situation after the incident. Monitoring closely.

asylum in india

At the same time, after the continuous attacks on Sikhs in Afghanistan, the Sikh community had appealed to the Modi government for shelter. Talking to the BBC, a member of the Sikh family injured in the attack had pleaded with the Modi government and demanded to be called to India. The family of the injured said that only 20 Sikh families are left in Afghanistan and they had requested the Modi government to get them out of Afghanistan at the earliest. He said that, if the Modi government gives him a visa, then he will come to India immediately and now it is reported that, along with the Sikhs, the Afghan Hindus living in fear have also been given visas by the Modi government.

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