How is the history of political friendship and enmity between Nitish and Upendra Kushwaha? Learn – न्यूज़लीड India

How is the history of political friendship and enmity between Nitish and Upendra Kushwaha? Learn

How is the history of political friendship and enmity between Nitish and Upendra Kushwaha?  Learn

Upendra Kushwaha is not in JDU for long?

Upendra Kushwaha has never been the most popular face of Bihar politics in the present times like Lalu Yadav or Nitish Kumar. But, whose future is like, it is not easy to say. The Indian Express has quoted a source as saying that Janata Dal (United) (JDU) Parliamentary Board Chairman and MLC Upendra Kushwaha may quit the party by next month and revive his Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP). . It’s not that much. The source has said that after forming the RLSP, he may once again forge an alliance with the BJP. Significantly, till August last year, there was a BJP-JDU coalition government in Bihar and Nitish hit back and formed a new ruling alliance with Lalu’s RJD.

Crack in Luv-Kush friendship!

Crack in Luv-Kush friendship!

Kushwaha hoped that he would now be Nitish’s natural officer. Because, both have emerged in politics by doing politics of Kurmi-Koeri caste. But, when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reluctantly announced that Tejashwi, the deputy chief minister and Lalu Yadav’s younger son, would be his political successor in the 2025 elections, Kushwaha found it difficult to hide his dismay. Kushwaha was further disillusioned when Nitish put the brakes on even the possibility of two deputy CMs. He has said in a press conference, “We want to tell Nitish Kumar that you are not alone, you started with the unity of Luv-Kush, those people are also in a lot of pain today…..”. On the other hand, Nitish says that “we do not know anything…” He said by saying that “he left the party many times and came back….. and came again in 21….. no problem Will not know if it happens…..” Means, Nitish also knows that once again there has been a rift in this friendship of politicians in the name of Luv-Kush.

Nitish's role in becoming Kushwaha?

Nitish’s role in becoming Kushwaha?

Upendra Kushwaha may not have become as big a name as Lalu-Nitish in Bihar politics. But, these too have grown up learning politics from the same socialist leaders like Jayprakash Narayan and Karpoori Thakur, whose political struggle Lalu-Nitish are reaping even today. Kushwaha had the patronage of Karpoori Thakur from his student days. Upendra’s father Muneshwar Singh, a resident of Jandaha in Vaishali district, was also well known to Thakur. After completing his studies, Upendra Singh started lecturership in Jandaha College. In 1985, he joined the Yuva Morcha of Lok Dal. Then Nitish had become MLA for the first time from Harnaut of Nalanda. That is, he has been his senior in politics. It is said that Upendra has taken the tips of today’s politics from Nitish. It was on Nitish’s suggestion that he added Kushwaha to his name, so that his caste would be known along with his name.

Kushwaha-Nitish's political relations

Kushwaha-Nitish’s political relations

The population of Koeri or Kushwaha caste in Bihar is considered to be around 7%. These are confined to a few districts of the state, including Nalanda, Munger, Khagaria, Samastipur, East Champaran, West Champaran, Bhojpur and Aurangabad. In the 2000 elections, Upendra Kushwaha won the election from Jandaha for the first time and came closer to Nitish. When Samata Party merged with JDU in 2004, it became the largest opposition party and Nitish made him the leader of the opposition. When the influence increased, the ambition of Kushwaha also started increasing and this also gave rise to the conflict. He was expelled from JDU in 2007. In 2009, he formed his Rashtriya Samata Party, which could not make inroads among the voters. Eventually he again had to go to Nitish’s shelter. In 2009 itself, Nitish made him reach the Rajya Sabha.

Kushwaha reached the top when he joined NDA

Kushwaha reached the top when he joined NDA

The allocation of seats again gave rise to controversy. In January 2013, Kushwaha once again left JDU and formed his new Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP). This was the same year, when Nitish broke the alliance with the NDA seeing that the way was clear for Narendra Modi to become the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Kushwaha’s party had come with the NDA. BJP gave three seats to RLSP and in Modi wave the party won all the three seats. Kushwaha himself won from Karakat and also became the Minister of State in the Modi government. He got a ministry like Human Resource Development. In 2017, Nitish himself had returned to the BJP. In the 2019 elections, BJP offered him only two seats, so he walked out of the NDA. They adopted the RJD-led alliance, but in the election fought in the name of Modi, the entire Grand Alliance was blown up in the storm of BJP-JDU-LJP.

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What next for Kushwaha?

What next for Kushwaha?

In the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, Kushwaha neither got any offer from RJD and BJP also offered only 6 seats, so he looked for some new allies. He became part of a new alliance of BSP, Owaisi, Pappu Yadav’s parties and some smaller parties and contested more than 100 seats, but proved to be a dud. In March of 2021, he again remembered JDU and Nitish and Nitish about him. The party not only made him the chairman of the parliamentary board, but also made him a place in the Legislative Council for getting government accommodation in Patna. It is believed that Nitish wants to keep the Koeri-Kurmi vote bank united through him, who are called Luv-Kush Samaj in state politics. Now his ‘worry’ has started troubling Kushwaha.

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