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How will India’s new AK-203 get rid of Chinese QBZ-191, trial will be on terrorists! learn strength

Indian Army will now have AK-203

The Indian Army is on the way to replace its current standard issue rifle INSAS with the AK-203, which will be pitted against China’s QBZ-191 in a future war. Although at present the gun is not used against China, but it will be given to soldiers in the Kashmir valleys to test the An-203, which will target terrorists. It will be tried against terrorists using it. At the same time, there is often tension near the border line with Pakistan and the Pakistani army often violates the ceasefire, so the Indian Army can also use An-203 against the Pakistan Army. China, on the other hand, has not yet launched its rifle QBZ-191 in combat and has not yet fired. So, let us have a look at the different features of both the rifles and try to know which one is more powerful.

caliber and firing system

Caliber and firing system

The AK-203 rifle uses a 7.62×39mm bullet and is a gas-operated magazine-fed rifle with three fire modes.

The QBZ-191 uses a gas-operated short-stroke piston and fires a 5.8×42mm bullet.

Range of both rifles

Range of both rifles

AK-203: The latest model of the Kalashnikov rifle, the AK-203 rifle has an effective firing range of 400 meters, although it can be increased.

QBZ-191: The Chinese weapon has a range of 400 meters.

Feed system of both weapons

Feed system of both arms

AK-203: This rifle uses a 30-round detachable box magazine. It can also be equipped with 50 quad column magazines.

QBZ-191: The Chinese gun can be fitted with a 30 round detachable box magazine or a 75 round drum magazine.

firing range

firing range

AK-203 rifle shoots at a speed of 700 meters per second.

The QBZ-191 rifle fires a bullet at a speed of 750 meters per second.

barrel length

barrel length

AK-203: 415 mm (16.3 in)

QBZ-191: 368.3 mm (14.5 in)

Know China's QBZ-191 rifle

Get to know China’s QBZ-191 rifle

The QBZ-191 rifle was first demonstrated in China in the year 2019. Its name was not disclosed at that time and there was speculation that it was QBZ-19. This weapon was developed to replace the QBZ-95 assault rifle from the PLA, which is being used as a standard issue weapon by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Marine Corps of China. Research Center No.208, which made the QBZ-95, also built the QBZ-191. The development program for the QBZ-191 began in 2014 or possibly earlier, and the design work was completed in 2017. It was included in PLA service in 2019.

Know the AK-203

Know the AK-203

The prototype development of the AK-200 series resulted in the AK-203, work on which began in 2007. The first AK-200 prototype was developed and tested in the year 2010. The AK-200 was then further transformed and renamed as the AK-103-3 in 2013 as part of the Ratnik programme. The AK-200 project was revived in 2016 and the AK-103-3 assault rifle prototype was upgraded by combining it with the KM-AK kit, which was developed as part of the Obves program. The advanced assault rifle prototype was initially named AK-300, but was later renamed first as AK-100M and then finally as AK-203 in the year 2019.

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