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‘Husband living more than expected’…the coffin did not work! now selling wife


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Published: Friday, September 30, 2022, 22:03 [IST]

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New Delhi, 30 September. The wife, who had prepared for the last rites before the death of her husband, is now having to step back. The reason for this is that the fear of death of the husband has been averted and there is a plan to sell the coffin already bought. One such Facebook market plus its strange post has become a topic of discussion these days. In which a woman is claiming to sell a brand new looking coffin.


A woman has posted a strange item on Facebook Marketplace. Actually this is a coffin, which she wants to sell. The coffin is being sold because the person for whom it was bought is still alive. Someone else who bought the coffin is the wife of that person. The woman wrote in the post that she has called this bench because her husband is alive longer than expected.

The female name that listed the coffin on Facebook Marketplace is Margaret Stables. She wrote, “Giving a new coffin. I bought it for my husband, but he has lived longer than I expected and is no longer needed. Keeping it in the house is now making a mess.” The woman further wrote, “The pillow is not included because my dog ​​has taken it.”

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This post became quite viral on social media. It is being liked a lot. One user wrote, ‘This is the funniest post ever’. Some thought the talk of selling coffins was a joke. One person wrote, “I was really interested but realized it was just an attention-getting post.” To this the woman wrote in her reply, “Sorry to disappoint you McDonald but it’s real.”

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wife selling coffin because husband living more than expected viral post

Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2022, 22:03 [IST]

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