Illegal quarrying in Panna: Those who are trying to sell them as diamonds, they are just shining stones. – न्यूज़लीड India

Illegal quarrying in Panna: Those who are trying to sell them as diamonds, they are just shining stones.

Madhya Pradesh

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Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2022, 17:34 [IST]

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In Panna these days several thousand people are illegally quarrying diamonds in Runjh river, mountain and forest. People are reaching the diamond office after filling hundreds of shiny stones in sacks and polythene. Here the connoisseurs are telling stones after seeing them. People are coming back disappointed.

PANNA Ke Heere

Till these days, they are allegedly reaching the diamond office in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh with a diamond. Till a month ago, people were reaching here with only a few rough diamonds. Many people are bringing here in polythene and some people even filling stones in bulk in sacks. Some people are secretly reaching with bright stones in the bundle. Since these have come out of illegal excavation, due to this people are bringing them secretly. However, a fair is held every day in the Panna office. When the connoisseur puts these shiny stones in front of the connoisseur and he examines them and tells them to be normal stones, people’s faces go down, people go back in despair.

PANNA Ke Heere

Dam is being built on Runjh river, diamonds are coming out here
These days a dam is being built in the Runjh river of Panna. For this a huge amount of soil was excavated here. If the rumor spread among the people, then first page, after that 20 to 25 thousand people from neighboring districts up to Uttar Pradesh are coming here and illegally digging the soil and looking for diamonds in it. Despite all the efforts of the administration and forest department, people did not move from here and illegally digging mountains, forests and rivers everywhere.

PANNA Ke Heere

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Many people have got diamonds, they are being sold in the black market.
Diamond business in Panna has been going on for many years through legal and illegal means. The brilliance of the diamond is such that people sell the diamonds found here through brokers to outside traders in the pursuit of quick money and more money. Many brokers here secretly contact such shallow miners and sell the rough diamonds directly in the market. Whereas according to the rules, the diamonds from the mines and leases here have to be deposited in the diamond office itself.

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